Thursday, 12 January 2017

SH72350 SB2C-5 Helldiver – new parts

For our forthcoming reboxing of Academy SB2C-4 kit, a set of new conversion parts has been prepared here and all these items will allow the modeller to build the kit in the Dash Five version. The new parts will be produced in two formats, the cockpit parts, u/c wheels, napalm tanks and some others will be produced from resin, the others will be of standard styrene injected into a metal mould. These styrene parts will cover the new cockpit canopy, enlarged bomb bay doors with actuators, a new bomb bay bulkhead with bomb release arms and a new broad-bladed propeller. So let´s take a lookt at the conversion part computer rendered images below.


Wednesday, 11 January 2017

SH72348 MD-520N NOTAR in 1/72 scale – decal sheet and photo etches

Our February release, the MD-520N NOTAR helicopter kit in small scale will contain a decal sheet with four marking options, one of them also for domestic operator. The tiniest parts of the kit will be the various antenae, handles and cable cutter devices coming on a sheet of photo-etched parts. A set of resin items will be also included.

8054 MA-1A USAF Start Cart in 1/48 scale

Among our February releases, you can also find this 48th scale resin model of the USAF MA-1A Start Cart. Our team have been lucky and could take measurements on the real thing and the our 3D CAD system was utilised to design the model parts which were consequently produced using a 3D printer. In the box you can find also a PE parts and a decal sheet.

The MA-1A cart was used by the USAF to start the engines of many jet aircraft during the Cold War era by means of high pressure and high velocity air produced by a small turbine in the body of the cart.

PLT 264 Swedish FFVS-J-22 in 48th scale, resin parts

Couple of days ago, we announced here our latest resin kit of the J-22A fighter and shared with you the artwork for the camouflage schemes, decal sheet and the PE part fret. Now is the time for the other components of this kit which are the resin parts themselves, the vacuum-formed canopies and also the armoured glass made of clear resin.

SH48177 Junkers Ju 88C-4 – testbuild model finished

Our collaborator, Mr.Miloslav Hrabaň has finally finished our SH48177 Junkers Ju 88C-4 kit using the testshots and prototype conversion parts. The very last thing he added was the changed colour of the front engine radiator covers which in fact was to be yellow. Just notice please Mila´s effort which he showed during his build, not only was he able to portray highly realistically the surface wear and tear, he also brought the kit into life by weathering the camouflage colours until the bare metal was made visible, what´s more, also the underlying original camouflage colours of RLM70/71 shades....

We are going to showcase this nice model during this year´s Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany, so visit our stand and you will be able to inspect Mila´s kit for yourselves. We will be waiting for you at our stand E52 in Hall 7.

The photos here have been taken by our colleague miss Dayana.

Injection moulded canopy for the L-39 Albatros in 1/48

Some time ago we announced our plan to produce injected canopy parts for our 1/48 L-39 Albatros kits and many modellers here are getting more and more impatient about the expected release date.

So, now I am happy to be able to share with you these photos which show you the electro-plated moulds (or galvanic type of moulds if you like) that have recently been finished and as you can see, our highly skilful colleague and toolmaker Pavel is about to set the moulds into mould frames.

Would you guess what type of aircraft will receive the other canopy parts that we will be producing from these moulds besides the Albatros?


Monday, 9 January 2017

SH72348 1/72 MD-520N NOTAR - marking options

For our forthcoming 1/72 scale kit SH72348 MD-520N NOTAR we have decided on the following marking options