5129 Centaurus Engine for the 1/32 Tempest Mk.II

Today, we would like to bring to your attention our new and extremely detailed 1/32 scale resin replica of the Centaurus engine which is designed to fit the Tempest Mk.II kit in the same scale.
The set will be available under catalogue number 5129. In the images below, you will be able to appreciate the levels of detail not just of the 3D design (in the rendered image) but most importantly on the 3D-printed prototype parts.

Le Grand Charles - Tempest no.13, yet one more built by Mila Hraban

Yesterday, we posted here very nice images of Mila's fourteenth 1/32 Hawker Tempest model and it crossed our mind we have not published the no.13 Tempest yet. Let us do it so just now.
   This Tempest is arguably the most iconic of all Tempest that have ever flown, bearing the SN222/JF-E marking. And if that doesn't ring a bell to some of younger modellers amongst us , well let us point out that this very machine was flown by no-one less famous and important than French ace Pierre Closterman and was dubbed Le Grand Charles.
   Mila has built the model to order, using our kit no.SH32070 but omitted the resin partial replica of the Sabre powerplant that also comes with this model.

Recommended sets for the 1/72 Barracuda and Vampire kits

Our May releases, the 1/72 Barracuda and Vampire kits will no doubt highly benefit from the addition of these CMK resin cast sets.
   Besides those in the leaflet, we would like to mention also the figure sets for the Barracuda:
F72326Barracuda Crew members - Standing (3 fig.)
F72330 Barracuda Mechanics (3 figures, aboard carrier w/raincoat)
   And do not forget to use these photo-etches with your Vampire:
K72029 Vampire Mk.3 Coloured photo-etched parts
(perfectly okay for the Mk.I Vampire too, despite them being originally designed for the Mk.3)
   Set Q72313 - Vampire Wheels are scheduled for June release, but are going to be available already next week.

SH72364 Gloster Meteor NF Mk.14 - a bit stormy piece of boxart

It is already well known at least since this year's Nuremberg Toy Fair that Special Hobby are working, among other projects, also on the family of the British night fighting Meteor aeroplanes (versions NF Mk.11/12/13/14). In relation to this fact, our court artist Standa Hajek has just handed in his latest and I have to say absobloodylootely stunning piece of art, the Mk.14 Meteor depicted flying in a late evening thunderous sky.

SH32055 Tempest Mk.VI - a 1/32 scale model fabulously built by Mila Hraban

The 1/32 scale Tempest Mk.VI was one of our new kits for this year's April. Our friend and long-time collaborator Mila Hraban is no doubt a prolific modeller who has obviously got the Tempests under his skin as you can see here for yourself. And now, in mid May, he reports he has finished his Tempests number 13 and 14. His first ten Tempests were showcased on our blog already earlier (worth watching here and also here).
   The Tempest with number 14 is a Mk.VI machine which flew in Egypt originally wearing a standard fighter scheme and later on oversprayed in so called Silver Speed finish.
   And what is even more interesting, Mila has bravely declared his aim to build no less than a total of twenty Tempest models, so let's keep our fingers crossed! We will keep you updated on his achievements.

SH72339 Vampire Mk.I in 1/72 - box content

The Mk.I Vampire kit (SH72339) bringing two Swiss and two Swedish colourful and eye-catching liveries  is finally ready and out. Switzerland and Sweden were the first two neutral countries that acquired the Vampire jets for their military.
  Last friday, our colleagues in the packaging department were quite busy packaging the first batch of the kits as you can see in the photos below. The decal sheets are printed by Cartograf, see here, the marking options are here.

CAC CA-9 Wirraway (SH48054) - a 1/48 scale model finished by Grant Barry

Garry Brant, an antipodean modeller, sent us a couple of very nice photographs of his recently built 1/48 scale CAC CA-9 Wirraway kit. His build depicts machine A20-496 / TM of No.23 Sqn RAAF as flown in 1943. As Garry writes, it makes him very happy that Special Hobby deal also with planes important for Australian war effort. Frankly, the pleasure is on our side, Garry and thanks a lot!