News from Special Hobby 02/2019

In this year’s second edition of the Special Hobby Newsletter, I cannot forget to mention as always this time, one of the most important model events of the year, the Nuremberg Toy Fair, or SPIELWARENMESSE 2019. Let me invite you all, the modellers and customers alike, who want to learn more about our production plans to come and visit our stand E-52 in Hall 7. It will bring us a great pleasure to meet with you there and show you our upcoming projects.   Due for this February release are not just three plastic model kits, but as many as eight new resin detail sets. While all the models come in 1/72 scale, the sets will no doubt appeal also to quarter scale fans. I would like to draw your attention to the Palouste Mk.101/102 starter trolley. We already make this in 1/72 and now we are bringing it to you in 1/48.A.Riedel SPECIAL HOBBY PLASTIC MODEL KITS Blohm Voss BV 155B-1 "Luftwaffe 46 High Altitude Fighter" Model of a German high…

SH32074 Fieseler Fi 103A-1/Re 4 Reichenberg - the box contents

Having already released the 1/32 scale Fi 103/V-1 Buzz Bomb model (SH32071), we simply had no other option than to come up with its manned version too. Although being almost identical at the very first glance, the Fi 103A-1/Re 4 Reichenberg differed hugely from its predecessor. Yes the pilot’s canopy is an unmistakable feature, but there were also the wings fitted with ailerons to name just the most obvious differences.
Yesterday, Special Hobby team managed to finish injection moulding the very last components and were able to start packaging and preparing the model for the customers. The other photos of today’s blog show the 1/72 Potez 25 clear parts moulding tool being milled and also the very last moulding tool of our upcoming 1/72 Sunderland project – the depth charges trolley mould and of course also another mould for the 1/48 Siebel which contains the floor and other interior components

SH32071 Fieseler Fi 103/V-1 - built by Luc Colin

Luc Colin, a modeller from Belgium shared with us a couple of images of his recently finished SH32071 Fieseler Fi 103/V-1 model.

SH72375 Fouga CM.170 Magister / IAI Tzukit - marking option profiles

Special Hobby's upcoming release of the Israeli Fouga Magister / IAI Tzukit light attack, aerobatic and trainer jet aeroplane is to offer the modeller with the following marking options. We do hope you like them all.

PLT260 Gloster F.9/37 - built model

Today let us share with you a couple of photos of the 1/72 Gloster F.9/37 model, built from Planet Models resin kit no.PLT260 by Martin Pfeifer. On the eve of WW2, this British fighter aeroplane was one of RAF's hopes which, unfortunately did not come to fruition and never passed prototype stage.
Besides the resin parts, the kit contains also white metal undercarriage legs, vac-formed canopy (in fact, two of them, one spare just for case) and a sheet of decals which caters for the prototype machine (portrayed in two stages of her short flying career) and also a fictious combat-used machine bearing markings of the highest scoring Czechoslovak pilot of the RAF, Karel Kuttelwascher.