News from Special Hobby 10/2019

Some of the models and sets which were mentioned in the previous instalment of our monthly Newesletter are going to be presented to the readers now, in the October Special Hobby Newsletter. And our team are working hard on the others. We have also decided on unveiling two more projects which are currently in development – these being a pair of Italian WW2 fighter aeroplanes, the Reggiane Re 2000 Falco and Reggiane Re 2005 Sagittario, both in the quarter scale. We expect they can appear on the shop shelves in very early 2020. Both these kits will reach the standards of our latest 1/48 scale models such as the Siebel Si 204, ie with 3D-designed components produced from milled moulding tools. And now, as it seems, these very types are also being worked on by other model companies – but to be honest we are not afraid of this unintended  confrontation, being quite sure of the still-increasing levels of quality of our recent models. And what is in the pipe line before the Italians come out?…

E-DAY 2019 preorders

Dear customers, we are attending E-day show and you could make a preorders overthere. Preorders for E-Day 2019 are available on Special Hobby/CMK Webstore from 14th, 10am until 25th September, 12pm. Discount rate is 20% off for registered members.
Discount application can be made by selecting shipping method „E-Day personally“ and order has to be paid in advance within September 25th, 12pm.
For your information we are doing our best to prepare following plastic kits for E-day sales, in meantime they cannot be preordered for Eday:SH48197 Aero C-3A 'Czechoslovakian Transport and Trainer Plane'
SH72345 SMB-2 Super Mystère 'Sa’ar – Israeli Storm in the Sky'
SH72412 Vautour IIN Armée de l' Air All Weather Fighter
FR0037 Potez 25 A2/B2 Lorraine
FR0038 Potez 25 A2/B2 HispanoSpecial Hobby team

Sa'ar and Phantom decal sheets

Kits no. SH72345 SMB-2 Super Mystere ‘Sa'ar - Israeli Storm in the Sky’ and SH72335 FH-1 Phantom ‘MARINES' First Jet’ are due out this October, or September respectively. Their decal sheets have already been finished and we would like to share them with our readers today.

FR0038 Potez 25 'Hispano' - boxart

FR0038 Potez 25 kit, a turn key project for our partners at Azur/Frrom is about to be finished and the modeller will find a quartet of interesting liveries which cater for a Greek machine - as shown on the fabulous Standa Hajek's boxtop artwork, two Rumanian and a single Yugoslav airframe - these three being among the machines which took part in the 1928 Little Entente air race. It is worth noting that Rumanian machine coded R12 flew as a monoplane, being easily converted from the standard biplane Potez.

SH48197 Aero C-3A - small parts sprue

The post war, Czechoslovak-built Siebel Si 204D was known as the Aero C-3A and this version is to appear in our kit no. SH48197. Today we would like to share with you the first, hastily made photos of the newest addition to this kit, the sprue on which the small parts and details come.

Interior parts sprue for SH 1/72 NF Meteors

The first test shot from the Meteor small parts mould has just emerged….

News from Special Hobby 09/2019

Well the summer is almost over and all Special Hobby staff are happily back at their offices, having nothing in the way of preparing autumn new releases, both injection plastic and cast resin ones. Now before we get to the September news, let me mention briefly what is in the pipe line for a later period. Due to be released sometime this autumn is the brand new 1/72 scale SMB-2 Super Mystère as operated by the IAF, this boxing being dubbed the ‘Sa’ar – Israeli Storm in the Sky’, then we plan to release a model kit of the CV 707 Vesikko submarine and a quarter scale Aero C-3A 'Czechoslovakian Transport and Trainer Plane'. In our ever increasing range of resin update sets, you will be able to find also a series tailored for the 1/72 model of the PT-109 torpedo boat and a 1/72 cockpit and gun turret for the A-20 Havoc. In 1/48 scale, there are going to be some more sets for the Siebel Si 204D along with some mechanic figures and a couple of sets for the Eduard’s 1/48 Tempest – th…