SH72327 Dornier Do 27 in 1/72 - finished model

Mila Hraban has once again proved what an incredibly fast and top notch quality model builder he is. Less than a week ago, several happy modellers we able to grab the first examples of SH72327 Do 27 model at the Prague Panthers Cup last weekend and voila, here it is, Mila's Doriner finished and almost ready to fly.
   Our regular distributors and customers will receive the model in few coming days, the kits are now being packaged at Special Hobby warehouse...

SH72340 Blohm Voss BV 155V-1 in 1/72 - finished model

Today, let us share with you a couple of images of one of our latest models, the WW2 Luftwaffe's high altitude fighter prototype, the Blohm Voss BV 155V-1 in 1/72 scale which has been skilfully built by our collaborator Martin Pfeifer. This kite's glider-like wings have the span of a Spitfire, would you believe that? (yep, just take a quarter scale model)

Operation Ball Lightning One

Earlier today, a huge operation which we decided to call Ball Lightning took place at Special Hobby premises in Prague, Horni Pocernice. Or to be more precise, in our courtyard as you can see in the photos taken during the op. And why such an odd name? Well, because the course of action of the whole operation bears striking resemblance to a 1979 huge multi-flat exchgange comedy film of the same name. For the production of the model kits we make for you, our company has been using three a bit oldish injection presses which we have decided to get rid of and replace them with some more modern units. The three presses, weighing several tons each, were pulled out of the shop floor and gave way to two (just two, for the time being, more to come as you will see) nice and new machines. And as the entrance to the courtyard was not wide enough to allow an easy access to the trailer with the new presses, the machines needed to be moved two times each. And you know what, there is Ball Lightning T…