Mosonmagyaróvár Online - sales 15%-50% off

Dear customers, If you cannot make it to the Mosonmagyóvár 22th International Model Show, do not be sad and enjoy our Moson online offer! You can order our items for the same price as if you were at the show. Starting April 18 till April 25, 2018, you get not only the club member discount of 10% (automatic with registration) but also another 5% on our products. You will also get a 50% on Azur and MPM Production items, as well as a 20% discount on our resinPlanet modelkits. You can order anything, including the latest new releases SH48150 SK-37E Viggen 1/48, SH32055 Tempest Mk.VI 1/32, SH32076 Fokker D.II 1/32, the simple sets SS008, 009, 010 and 011, the new CMK April releases – the pods for Mirage F.1 Sycomore and Remora, the elephant in 1/48 or the sets for J2M3 Raiden in 1/72.

Newsletter Special Hobby 5/2018

At the time of writing the prologue to this newsletter, the most followed posts on our facebook page were dealing with the moving in of new injection presses to our production premises and with the release the very first test shot build images of our 1/72 Super Mystere SMB.2 model. Both these events are a kind of promise of the things to come. The new injection machines will allow us to produce models from huge moulding tools directly here in our factory and they will also no doubt enable us to substantially increase our production capacity. The Super Mystere project will, apparently, find its place in our range besides other massively successful kits such as the Mirage F.1, Fouga Magister, Vampire or Gnat. At least, the levels of interest among the modeller community suggest so. The 1/72 model is expected to reach the market by the end of the year. And, as you might already expect, our team is also preparing a scaled up version of this plane, so the 1/48 scale buffs amongst you, d…