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AF-2 Guardian in 48th scale with colour side profiles

I am happy to show here the side profiles of the camouflages which will be in our SH48135 AF-2S and SH48148 AF-2W Guardian kits and hope to please all those who eagerly await these models. Because of size each model contains only two camouflage options. Sadly, these models will not be available in September as our pressing shop is busy with injecting one of our models for a big foreign company. A.R.

P-40F Warhawk “Checkertails” in 72nd scale, limited edition

During the next week a limited edition of only 500pcs of the P-40F Warhawk “Checkertails” model in 1/72 scale becomes available. In the kit you can find two P-40Fs with very attractive markings from the MTO. Camouflage A offers a P-40F-20-CU Warhawk named Stud whose pilot was 325thFG CO Lt.Col. R.L.Baseler (5 kills) and which was based in Tunisia, Africa, 1943. This plane flew in a standard desert camo first and later, after a serious damage, it was repainted and used as a Lt.Col. Baseler´s personal hack. Camouflage B is for P-40F white 40, named Trixie of pilot Capt. Joe Boomer of 318th FS, 325th FG, Tunisia, Africa, 1943.

test model of the Bristol M.1C in 1/32 scale

We are happy to present here photos of the test model of the Bristol M.1C in 1/32 scale. Both of the two kits, SH32057 Bristol M.1C “Wartime Colours” and SH32060 Bristol M.1C “Checkers & Stripes” alike will contain a set of photo-etched parts, but these were not used for the test-shot assembly. You can see also photos of the sprues, three of them are of short-run type (although some parts are designed using 3D CAD), the last sprue is injected in full-metal CNC mould

SH72308 HA-1112 M-1L Buchón "Ejército del Aire" and SH72313 Caproni Ca.311 Foreign Service

Mr. Stanislav Hajek, an excellent artist, painted these two box-arts for our new models. The first of them is the SH72313 Caproni Ca.311 “Foreign Service”. Except for British captured plane that is portrayed on the box-art the decal sheet will contain also two Croatian machines. The other model is the SH72308 HA-1112 M-1L Buchón “Ejército del Aire” in 1/72 scale. In the Buchón you will find small parts injected from metal moulds, including the rockets and their rails. Another boxing of the Buchón will draw its inspiration from a famous 1969´s aviation movie The Battle of Britain. This model will feature clipped wing tips, different armament and really very interesting movie camouflages.

Special Hobby SH72280 AH-1G Cobra Marines 1/72

The first two kits of the AH-1G Cobra were released last month. If you are interested in these two kits I would strongly recommend you not to hesitate with ordering them. Soon they will be sold out. Thus there comes another version of this highly successful helicopter kit. We originally planned to offer only US Marines Cobras in this kit. But while preparing this kit we gathered so many attractive machines not only for the US Marines but also for the US Navy that we could not resist and due to the stated attractiveness of these camouflages we included them in kit decals. The kit contains five sprues with grey plastic parts that feature finely engraved panel lines, injected clear parts with canopy divided into five parts (thanks to this fact the Cobra can be built with opened or closed canopy) and landing lights; the plastic parts are identical to the SH72274 and SH72278 kits. Moreover, for one of the US Navy machines the kit contains an extra part for the flight data sensor and a resi