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SH48185 Romeo Ro 37bis in 1/48 and other forthcoming models

While the 1/48 Romeo Ro37bis fuselage mould block with a new style of the cowling has been put to the injection moulding machine earlier today (this model is our new arrival for September), all the other moulding blocks of this project still remain in our toolroom waiting to receive their final shape. Our team are working on the I.A.R.-80A moulds for our French partners at Azur/Frrom and also on several components of the Fokker D.II model. The I.A.R.-80A kit’s smaller parts are identical with Special Hobby release of the I.A.R.-81 BoPi version which is to hit hobby shop shelves later. Ro 37bis fuselage halves    I.A.R.-80A/81BoPi mould various headrest styles of the kit Fokker D.II pilot’s seat  

SN72006 Biber “German Midget Submarine” in 1/72 – decal sheet design

SH team are working diligently on the 1/72 Biber kit which is to appear on the market in October. Today we would like to show you the decals which have just been sent out to be printed and also the advert billboard which hopefully will attract customers’ attention during the Tokyo Model Show.

1/72 P-40N Warhawk – model build (Part III)

B eing busy as usual, Fredy managed to progress with his Curtiss build a tiny wee step forward. Besides the items shown today in our blog, he also spray painted the prop and other smaller components. But these are to be photographed in his later report. The cockpit is yet to receive some oil wash treatment and the instrument panel need to have its instrument faces painted by hand, as the decal which will accompany the kit release hasn’t obvisouly been designed nor printed yet.

SH72370 H.A.L Ajeet in 1/72 – Standa Hájek’s boxart

Due for this Autumn release is, among other kits, also the long-awaited HAL Ajeet, an Indian licence-built Folland Gnat. The Ajeet will be released under catalogue number SH72370 and the kit’s boxart has been fabulously prepared by Standa Hájek, again to our full satisfaction. We do believe you will be happy with the artwork too.

SH72234 Boulton Paul Balliol T.2 and MPM72500 Blenheim – Rémi Schackmann’s built models

Rémi Schackmann, clearly a highly skilled French modeller shared with us beautiful photos of his recent builds, a pair of models from our production. While the MPM72500 Blenheim is sold out for a long time, the Balliol is still available in two boxings – SH72234 and SH72356 (and also a navalized version Sea Balliol SH72236 ). Sending our huge thanks to France, merci beaucoup Rémi!