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ARL-44 in 72nd scale - photo build report part II

Building the 1/72 ARL-44 continues. I have airbrushed several shades of green on the black base colour. The horizontal surfaces as well as some of the above level details have been picked out with a lighter shade. I have already painted some details, such as the tools. A.R.

SH72414 Mirage F.1 Duo Pack & Book

   A new member of our ‘Duo Pack & Book’ series which has already proved quite successful is going to bring the iconic French jet F.1 Mirage in both single seater and two seater incarnations. The modeller will have six eye-catching liveries to chose from as you can see for yourselves now in the side profiles below. Just a note, thanks to our French collaborator Chris Verdoux who was so kind as to provide a real photo galore to design the schemes with, we have made a small change and at the almost very last moment swapped the Ecuador machine no.803 for a lot more interesting one in the form of a Sukhoi-killer, machine no. 807 famous for her engagement with the Peruvian Air Force on the 10th of February 1995.    The decals are being printed in Italy again, as was the case with all our 1/72 Mirage F1 kits, and the kit is expected for pre-Christmas market.

SH72402 SH 89 / CASA C.212 'ASW & Maritime Patrol' - Decal Sheet

SH 89 / CASA C.212 ‘ASW & Maritime Patrol’ kit no.SHSH72402 is about to be released and its decal sheet will offer four marking schemes, two of which are in Swedish colours, one depicted as flown os Spain and one which served with the Malta military. The decal graphics is here for you now and we are happy the sheet is being printed now in Italy by Cartograf.

Plastic & Steel, Affligem 2019 part 1 - aircraft models

Special Hobby attended the Plastic & Steel model show in Affligem, Belgium the previous weekend. It made us very happy indeed to see the display tables oozing with excellent models, both those taking part in the contest and those on model club tables. All the photos we took were broken up to three sections, today we are going to share with you those of the plentiful aeroplane models exhibited.