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CMK sets for 1/72 Fw 189A (ICM) - Get yours at E-day

CMK have prepared four new resin upgrade sets for the new 1/72 ICM Fw 189A kit and we are going to sell them for the first time at the E-day this weekend. So, if you feel like enhancing the levels of detail of your “Uhu”, you may look forward to these sets:

7377 Fw 189A-2 - Cockpit Set
7378 Fw 189A-1/2 - Engine set (port wing)
7379 Fw 189A-1/2 - Undercarriage Bays Set
Q72284 Fw 189A-1/2 - Mainwheels Set

The first three of them come in our basic range of 1/72 CMK sets, the 3D-designed wheels are offered in Quick&Easy range.

In the photos below, you might watch the ICM model built using the first three sets as the resin wheels were not available yet when we built it.

Another good info for the Uhu fans might be that our team are working on yet another sets for this kit, namely the correction propeller set and a set with the front section of the engines.

7379 Q72284

We are announcing a very special offer! "EDAY ONLINE" is ON!

If you can't make it to Prague, yet still you want to get the sweet discount of 10% + your club discount here is your chance! After you log in you will see the prices already including the Eday online discount. The sale is from 22th September to 27th September 12PM.

This applies only to our sortiment (All from category "Our own production"  etc. Special Hobby, CMK, Planet Models,..)  and club members.

RA058 - 1/35 German WW1 25cm schwerer Minenwerfer / Heavy Mortar all resin kit

Another kit in our WW1 weapon range produced by CMK in the RA line of products is the German WW1 25cm heavy mortar. It was designed using our 3D CAD systems with extra emphasis on the best levels of detail possible. The master parts are 3D-printed using the best printer available.
The kit will be available this October.

SH72330 Letov Š.328v in 1/72 - finished model

Martin Pfeifer, our faithful collaborator and a superb model builder, got his SH72330 Letov Š.328v kit only about a week ago and frankly, we did not expect to hear from him sooner that in a month’s time. And what a nice surprise really, he called upon us yesterday bringing his already built model with him. Do enjoy. Perhaps the photos may tempt you for a somewhat different model build project?

SH48185 IMAM (Romeo) Ro.37bis in 1/48 - another Special Hobby new kit to be available at E-day this weekend

Now let us show you another kit which is going to be available during this weekend at the E-day in Prague. It is a 1/48 kit of the IMAM (Romeo) Ro.37bis, which was an Italian reconnaissance and light bomber biplane. The kit offers four camouflage schemes, one Spanish, two Italian and one of an Uruguayan machine. See for yourselves in the photos below.

SA72018 Transport Trailer for Biber U-boat - test shot

It may be nice to have your own midget sub, but you simply also must have something to get the sub to the water. Having realized that, the Germans designed a special trailer to be able to transport their Bibers.
What does it mean for a model kit producer? You are right, after the Biber kit, we also need to offer the modeller with a scaled replica of the special trailer. Who knows, perhaps some modeller might come to the idea to portray the Biber as being hauled towards the sea (even if not real, just made of clear resin).
The trailer kit comes under SA72018 and is going to be available (as a separate item at first)until this year’s end. And why don’t you use the SS-100 Gigant (or Sd.Kfz.7) to accompany the Biber and trailer?

1/72 P-40N Warhawk build (Part VII)

Almost on the finals now, the fixed parts of the clear canopy attached, having been bathed in Future clear gloss varnish to make them really clear (the tooling blocks have not been finally polished yet). The builder has also changed his mind about the colours, he is going to apply a Dutch P-40 scheme.

SH72369 Letov Š.328 “Slovak National Uprising” in 1/72 - yet another new kit available at the E-day

Happy to be able to offer the modeller community our 1/72 Letov Š.328 kit reboxed to commemorate the Slovak National Uprising which took place in late summer and early autumn 1944. Now let’s take a closer look at the sprues and camouflage schemes.