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Lloyd C.V (WKF) series 82 in 1/48 and 1/72 (SH48044 / SH72122)

Our model of the Austro-Hungarian WW1 Lloyd C.V series 46 in 1/48 scale was sold out rather long time ago, later we produced also its downscaled version in 1/72 which is still available (model SH72119).And for almost the same amount of time, the model of the Lloyd´s later version, the Lloyd C.V (WKF) series 82 in both scales have been announced in our catalogue. Well we are aware that the promises should be kept so we are going to release both these kits during this year. The new parts have been designed using our 3D CAD system, parts for the 72nd scale kit little bit simplified of course. Some of the parts will be offered in resin, some in injection mould standard.

model 339-23 Buffalo "In RAAF and USAAF colors" in 1/72 (SH72128)

Today, we would like to make here an announcement of yet another Spring 2017 release. Our 1/72 kit of the famous US Navy fighter known as the Buffalo was available in the past, now we have decided to make rather important upgrades and make a new reboxing of this classic model kit. The new release will be available under catalogue number SH72128 and will depict the Model 339-23 version with Australian and US camouflage options from "down under". This kit´s plastic parts have their origin in Sword model as well as the parts of our earlier releases which have been sold out for some time now (SH72126, SH72131, SH72133).
The new parts which have been prepared for this reboxing are the all-new clear parts as the original ones don´t stand to today´s standards. We also plan to redesign the kit´s resin parts to a higher level.
The decal sheet of this model will offer the modeller a choice of four antipodean Buffaloes, two of them directly in colours of the RAAF, the other two flying wi…

Short Sunderland Mk.V in 1/72 (SH72162) – new galvanic mould fuselage testshots

In early December last year, we showed the 1/72 Short Sunderland galvanic mould shells here (as well as the same moulds for our 1/48 Siebel Si 204 / Aero C-3 kit). Not even three months have passed and we are able to showcase the very first testshot of the 1/72 Sunderland fuselage parts. As it is only a testshot, we are going to tune up the moulds further, polish them etc...

1/32 A5M2b Claude "Over China" (SH32051) – a real NMF beauty

Having finished his Tempest and Yak-3 models, our collaborator Míla Hrabáň got himself busy with our kit of the A5M2b Claude (SH32051) Japanese naval fighter. The kit´s sprues and marking options are identical with our earlier SH32034 release, but the newest addition is a 3D-designed resin cast interior. The result of Míla´s effort is here for you to admire.

Gloster Meteor Mk.4 "World Speed Record" in 1/72 (SH72361) – box artwork revealed

You may already have noticed that some of our latest box top artworks have been signed by a new name. Yes, as we are still increasing our production, we have engaged a new artist, Mr.Reiniš, who is also the author of our latest Speed Record Meteor kit boxart. The kit is due to be released during Spring 2017 and will offer the modeller a choice of three machines, the record-holding Yellow Peril and two other speed machines.

1/32 CMK Napier Sabre set and a new Hi-Tech Tempest Mk.V kit (SH32070)

Our Hi-Tech format Tempest Mk.V kit was among the fastest-selling items in the history of Special Hobby company (ex-MPM Production). At present, we offer a basic kit of the Tempest Mk.V fighter – SH32049. But, as modellers still keep asking for a Hi-Tech kit, we have decided not to re-release the sold-out kit, but on the contrary, we have chosen to prepare for you a completely new model with catalogue number SH32070 with a nice selection of marking options for ace pilots flying on the type. The kit will also comprise an upper section of the Napier Sabre power unit.
Those who crave for a complete Sabre engine replica including the radiator might be tempted to use our new CMK resin set that is just being finished by our top designer Norbert. He has been using both his handicraft skills and the most advanced computer system and 3D printer available to Special Hobby to create a real beauty among model engine replicas.
Both the model and the set are due for spring 2017 release.

1/48 Bücker Bü 181 "Panzerjagdstaffeln" (SH48189) – camouflage scheme options

One of our new models scheduled for a March release is also 1/48 scale Bücker Bü 181 "Panzerjagdstaffeln" kit. The decal sheet included in the kit will cater for three German machines fitted with famous anti-tank weapons also known as the panzerfaust. See below what schemes you can expect in the kit.

1/72 Meteor Mk.8 – photos of a finished model

In today´s morning incoming e-mail box, I was surprised and really pleased to find a couple of splendid photos of a Gloster Meteor Mk.8 (MPM72531) model built by Libor Jekl. His model is finished in a scheme used by the Royal Egyptian Air Force during the 1956 Operation Musketeer with decals produced by DP Casper company and photos of the model will accompany the forthcoming Valiant Wings publication dealing with that military operation over the Suez Canal zone.

CASA C-212 - latest progress report

The modellers keep showing their endless interest in the Casa C-212 project and its expected release date and now we are happy to be able to show you some pictures of the last set of tooling moulds that are now being manufactured. From these moulds, several smaller parts of the project like the propellers, landing gear and various antennae and radom covers will be produced.

SH72350 SB2C-5 Helldiver in 1/72 – 3D designed resin parts

Our SH72350 SB2C-5 Helldiver in 1/72 scale has been prepared on a basis of ex-Academy kit accompanied by injected and resin parts that will allow the modeller to convert the original kit into the Dash Five version, the final production model of the Helldiver. The pattern parts have already been rapid prototyped and cleaned up and the production of the resin sets is just beginning.

Special Hobby Newsletter March 2017

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