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Fliegerfaust B ‘German WWII ground-to-air rocket launcher’ in 1/35

   Early 2022 will see the release of a model kit depicting one of the smaller ‘Wunderwaffen’, which was reportedly used during the May 1945 Berlin operation. The weapon, known as the Fliegerfaust B, was an arm-carried anti-aircraft multiple missile launcher. Our set 3148 offers finely detailed resin cast parts joined by photo-etched ammo magazines belts. The kit is in 1/35 scale.

Floatplane Vega in 1/72 - Merrybuilder Jan Šimon's fab model

Jan ‘Honza’ Šimon, a member of the Merry Modelbuilders Club, has recently finished this exquisite replica of the sleek transport Vega 5 floatplane. The kit used was the already sold out MPM Production 72528 Vega Floatplane release in 1/72 scale. If you like the elegant lines of this plane, we hope to make you happy sometimes in the future as the reissue of the kit is not completely out of question. 

SH72445 Tachikawa Ki-54Otsu / Hickory ‘ Gunner Trainer’ in 1/72 - decal sheet graphics unveiled

   The first version of our 1/72 Hickory family, kit no SH72270 Tachikawa Ki-54 Hei was released this June. We have to admit that the sales numbers far exceeded our expectations, the model is now completely sold out. Do not be sad though if this sleak Jap twin engine beast is what you long for, a second release is under way in the form of the SH72445 Tachikawa Ki-54 Otsu / Hickory ‘ Gunner Trainer’ kit. This model is due sometimes in the first quarter of next year and features the version primarily designed for multiple-engine aircraft air-to-air gunners training. To make the learning process even more effective, the airframe was equipped not with one gunner station, there were two independetly operated gun turrets in the upper fuselage, only joined by a common glazing to make the whole a more aerodynamic refined. Our new release brings three machines as operated by the Japanese military, one of them in grey overall, the second one in grey overall with field-applied greenish mottling o

1/72 MV127 Zetor 15 vignette by George Roubis

 George Roubis very kindly shared with our readers his photos of Special Hobby / CMK MV127 Zetor 15 model, thank you so much George. What about the new Zetor 25 (model MV129 ) now ? 

AH-1G Cobra ‘Early Tails over Nam’ - 1/32 Hi-Tech Kit built by Martin Pfeifer

 High quality ICM model parts joined by our own and really very nice resin cast details, 3D-printed parts, photo etches and a sheet of pre-cut masks, this all is the very busy content of the  SH32082 AH-1G Cobra ‘Early Tails over Nam’ kit. And as you can surely see for yourselves, Martin is extremely gifted modeller, too, his Cobra is simply mouth watering. Just enjoy... :)