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The Letov Š.328 in its final stage. Will we manage it for the E-day? That is the question....

It still remains uncertain whether the Letov will be available during the E-day show or not. Although we are hastily finishing the kit moulds, the odds are against us. The small parts mould need a certain de-bugging, the cavity side has already been finished, the core side brings some troubles, though. Our milling machine is doing its best, but the tool broke during the night shift and brought another delay. So, all in all, we are not able to promise the Letovs will be available.   However, A3-sized posters with our court painter Standa Hajek´s wonderful Š.328 paintings could lure you to visit our stand and on top of that you may get your poster signed by the great artist himself.

1/48 Fulmar Mk.I/II Hi-Tech – content of the box

Although already scheduled for the summer time, we are going to bring this new re-boxing of our venerable Fulmar kit to this year´s E-day show. The “Hi-Tech” reissue  contains a plethora of additional items as for instance an exquisite resin casted interior set, two PE frets, extra decal sheet and camouflage options researched by a famous British aviation historian. See photos below:

1/72 P-47M Thunderbolt - what´s inside

   Yet another new model which is going to be available at our E-day stand is the SH72324 P-47M Thunderbolt .    This model has been created in cooperation with MPM Ltd. company and inside the box of our model you can find Academy plastic parts accompanied by a brand new frame with conversion parts enabling the modeller to build the model in the P-47M version. In our reboxing, photo-etched speed brakes and set of 3D designed resin parts portraying the underwing fuel tanks and main u/c wheels are also included. The camouflage schemes are of course different from the MPM Ltd model, we offer five of them. Visit this link to check our camo options .

1/32 Tempest moulds – work in progress

If you had a kind of feeling that nothing is happening with our 1/32 Tempest project, you could not be further from the truth. The Tempest was having a bath for several months and was enjoying it quietly and peacefully. Gentle electric current was tickling the model master parts as well while they were receiving layers of copper in the electroplating solution. The moulds do not look quite tempting you would say from the photos, but the truth is that we are excessively happy with the outcome, everything went to our expectations. All what is needed for now is to clean away the traces of electroplating fluinds from the moulds and pour so-called “white metal” to the moulds back sides. So, quite a lot to do yet. And the milling machines are busy with tooling the small parts moulds.

Special Hobby ✈ newsletter 09/2015

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