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F-86K Sabre Dog 1/48 scale - external fuel tanks, Sidewinder guided missiles and canopy

The F-86K flew by standard with external fuel tanks, some of the machines were additionaly armed with Sidewinder guided missiles. Both the missiles and fuel tanks are located in frame E of our forthcoming F-86K Special Hobby model in 1/48 scale. These parts were designed in a CAD and  will be injected to metal moulds. The fuel tanks will have their filler caps and fins made from photo-etched parts. Another parts of this model that were designed using the modern CAD and also injected to metal moulds are all the clear parts of the model, ie the windscreen, upward hinging canopy cover and other smaller parts.

Resin parts for our forthcoming 1/48 F-86K Sabre Dog model

The F-86K Sabre Dog model in the 48th scale was already announced this summer. But we were not completely satisfied with quality of some injected parts and therefore had to postpone it. The model will be released now as our November news. We are happy to present the resin parts of the model here. These were designed with the help of a CAD and the pattern models were produced on a 3D printer.

Firefly Mk.7 1/48 scale kit boxart

Boxart for the upcoming Firefly  Mk.7 1/48 scale kit.

SH72311 HA-1112 M-1L Buchón "Movie Star" 1/72 inbox preview

The Buchón model in this Battle of Britain movie star guise contains two frames of plastic parts identical with SH72308 Ha-1112 M-1L Buchón "Ejército del Aire" model. What makes this Buchon to be a real movie Buchon is the third extra frame with new Bf 109E-like wings and a new movie-type cowling. It means that you won´t use the former wings as well as some minor parts. Moreover, the kit also contains resin parts and a set of PE parts. The decal sheet offers three machines, two of them with German markings, the last one with RAF marking. We begin to distribute the model this week.  

SH72308 HA-1112 M-1L Buchón "Ejército del Aire" 1/72 scale kit

Model of the Spanish version of the Bf 109, which was the last one to fly, in photographs and also with the instruction sheet and camouflage schemes.

SH72315 Arado Ar 96B-3 1/72

The third boxing of our Arado Ar 96 / Avia C.2 model, item no. SH72315 Arado Ar 96B-3 will become available next week. This was an armored version used for combat training. Content of the model is below: