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SH72269 SG-38 Schulgleiter / SK-38 Komar 1/72 scale - boxart and decals

Boxart and decals for first SG-38 box. Decals included three czechoslovakian version and one polish and one east german version.

Happy New Year 2015

SH48135 and SH48158 AF-2S/W Guardian 1/48 Scale - fuselage sprue

SH48135 and SH48158 AF-2S/W Guardian 1/48 Scale fuselage sprue photos.

SH72269 SG-38 Schulgleiter (and SK-38 Komar too) in 1/72 Scale

When the SG-38 elementary training glider was designed by Rehberg, Schneider and Hoffmann, its constructors could not have guessed just how famous it would become. This glider very soon became a standard training machine for the NSFK (Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps or National Socialist Flyers Corps) which was  mass produced by several factories and it could also be home-built from drawings sent by post. Production was not restricted solely to  Germany either and the basic design went on to be built throughout the world, making it the most widely used training glider ever known. The type was built within most European countries under a variety of different designations and amongst them was Slovakia which began production during WW2 and in post war years they continued to be built for aeroclubs in Czechoslovakia as the  ŠK-38 Komár (Gnat) where they were used alongside some original ex-German SG-38 aircraft.
It is no wonder that we chose to make a model of this famous glider and a…

Two French Vampires in 1/72 built by Patrick Branly

French modeller and Wingmaster magazine reviewer, Mr. Patrick Branly has kindly sent us photos of his French Vampire models and gave us his permission to publish them. Both these models are built from Azur A117 kits. Aftermarket set of decals was used for the green-grey machine.

SH72317 Gloster Meteor T Mk 7.5 1/72 scale

Gloster T Mk 7 trainer aircraft (available under no.72548) was one of the most widespread variants of the Meteor jet fighter aircraft. Only a handful of the Meteor T Mk7 was equipped with a larger and squared off tail taken from the more modern Mk 8 fighter version. This new trainer variant got somewhat peculiar designation Meteor T Mk 7.5 (T Mk 7 ? was also used). While these planes were used in Great Britain mainly for various test flights and public shows, in the Belgian and Israeli air forces they served as standard training machines.

 The kit SH72317 contains five frames of plastic parts, three of them in standard greyish styrene, the other two which contain the canopy and recce nose parts are made of clear plastic. The decal sheet offers markings for the Gloster company demonstration aircraft which was blue overall with white coloured stripes  and civil registration codes. It was also equipped with non-standard wing-tip fuel tanks. The other British aircraft in this kit is the RA…

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