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Avia C-2 (Arado Ar 96B) kit by Martin Pfeifer

Another model from Martin Pfeifer´s workbench is this Avia C-2, a Czechoslovak post-war version of a German Arado Ar-96, which he had already built also, straight out of box. The Avia model has been built using all available CMK resin sets that are being produced (7321, 7322, 7323, 7324). Just to remind you about the Avia model while it´s construction was still in progress, its photos are here.

SH72322 Folland Gnat F.1 in 1/72 scale – camouflage options


SH72145 Letov Š.328 and SH72326 Letov Š.328 1/72 model “Slovak AF in WW2” – camouflage schemes

For our forthcoming Letov Š.328 model (cat. number SH72145), these camouflage schemes have been chosen.

The release date of our new model of iconic Czechoslovak pre-war biplane that served
also throughout the conflict in colours of so-called Slovak State is rapidly approaching and we are happy to show you camouflage options of one of the various boxings we are about to release.

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