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SH48217 Aero C-3B ‘Czechoslovak Bomber-Trainer’ in 1/48 - boxart

   This autumn will see the release of the 1/48 SH48217 Aero C-3B ‘Czechoslovak Bomber-Trainer’ kit. The artwork to adorn the boxart is already finished and the guy ‘responsible’ for this wonderful piece of aviation art is no-one else than our long-time collaborator Standa Hajek.     The plane depicted, Aero C-3B V-15, with Maj.J.Manak at the controls, took part in a bombing pass over the frozen river od Danube in Slovakia and can be seen here against the backdrop of the Bratislava castle. Those of you familiar with the castle as it looks now may say that Standa has forgotten to paint the castle roofs. Well he has not as the castle, from the time it had been burnt out by Napoleon's soldiers until it was re-built again in the 1950s, was mere ruins.

SH72458 Junkers Ju 87D-5N - working on the colour schemes

To whet your appetite a bit, let us share with you the work in progress on the SH72458 Junkers Ju 87D-5/N kit colour and marking options. We are also happy to assure you the model is going to get available in a very few days. 

Prosek Panthers Cup 2022

Yes the 2022 Prosek Panthers Cup is now over. Although in a different date that usual, the show was friendly (for us definitely) as it always has been. So, our huge thank you for all those who helped organized the event. Due to our workload, we failed to take photos of all the models displayed, sorry, all the various vessel models or SIG exhibition tables are unfortunately left out. Perhaps these photos today may encourage those who did not attend the show to try next time. AR.