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Mila Hraban builds a Tempest - yes, again! (kit SH32054, engine CMK 5129)

Mila Hraban has finished yet another one of Special Hobby's 1/32 Hawker Tempest kits. Now the version is Mk.II and kit number SH32054. In the open nose compartment, there is a superbly assembled and painted CMK 5129 set portraying the plane's Bristol Pentaurus powerplant. Detail model plus an even more detailed engine, what else to say. And as a picture paints a thousand words, nothing more from us, just enjoy the photos.

SH Forthcoming Models Boxarts - Dec 2018 / Feb 2019

A couple of the boxes of the kits Special Hobby have scheduled for December 2018 to February 2019 release. These boxes are just about to be printed. The images below show what you can be looking for in your favourite shops.

SH72400 Vickers Type 267 Vildebeest Mk.III fabulous artwork

Standa Hajek has finished yet another of his superb paintings which is to adorn our impending release, SH72400 Vickers Type 267 Vildebeest Mk.III. Originally, this kit was a turnkey project for our French partner at Azur-Frrom, now as agrered with the company, we are going to rebox it under our label with the original decal sheet and photo-etched fret, but with the instruction booklet and colour scheme profiles updated to reflect the latest development of research on the colours worn by Vildebeests in Singapore.

Mirage III/5/Nesher/Dagger... family of 1/72 kits - vol.3

And today, the final part of our exklusive announcement of the forthcoming 1/72 Mirage III/5 family of injection moulded kits (steel moulds, as this iconic machine deserves nothing worse).
Today's images show the various Mirage 5s as well as the Swiss IIIS and RS variants. The latter is to come either with or without the foreplanes (sometimes also known as the canards). All of our Mirages will benefit from the addition of very wide range of armament in the box, it will just vary depending on the version portrayed and its original operator. The armament can be clearly seen in the last rendered image. Enjoy!

1/72 NF Meteor and 1/48 Siebel Si 204 / Aeros C-3 progress report

Work on new model kits continues.We are preparing moulds for 1/72 scale NF Meteors and 1/48 Siebel Si 204 / Aero C-3. Meteor fuselage and Si 204 small parts

Fieseler Fi 103 / V-1 1/32 sprues

A model of the German unmanned missile, the infamous V-1 flying bomb which was designed and used for terror bombing of London and the UK. When the Allies invaded France, the missiles were also aimed at Antwerp, Liege and Brussels, both from land-based launch sites and aircraft. The kit contains three grey styrene sprues, a decal sheet and full colour instruction leaflet. The decals cater for three machines wearing different styles of camouflage schemes. detailed and extremely accurate model never kitted before in this scale contains not just the missile, but its handling trolley too the camouflage options show different types of colour schemes worn accurate decals with stencils

SH48172 Loire 130Cl in 1/48 - chosen camouflage options

Our 1/48 scale model of the French early-war shoulder-wing Loire 130Cl flying boat was unfortunately delayed as its fuselage moulding block got cracked which simply left us with no other option than to have the mould produced completely anew. And now, we are quite happy to be able to announce that all the plastic components of the kit have been injected finally and are being packaged along with other items of the Loire. The first kits are to arrive to our distributors sometimes next week (just to explain, it does NOT mean the model becomes available to wide public right at the moment, so please please do not hurt the poor shop assistants for not having the kit on their shelves). And to give you a bit of foretaste of what the model box is going to offer, let us share with you now the camouflage schemes and decal sheet graphics (the latter top-notch printed by Cartograf).

Newsletter 11/2018

Special Hobby’s monthly Newsletter is here again to bring you the latest information about our November releases, all of which, rather unusually for us are in the 72nd scale. Fans of other scales, do not despair as you will find many to chose from in our CMK resin sets range. Fancy some engine start trolleys, for example? Or more common items as engine sets or resin figures. Colleagues in our packaging room prepared also quite large amount of previously unavailable items. The list is attached at the end of the newsletter. A. Riedel SPECIAL HOBBY PLASTIC KITS DH 100 Vampire FB Mk.52 Over Northern Sky 1/72 - Reissue Model of the DH Vampire, a first generation British fighter aeroplane in the FB Mk.52 export version. The kit consists of two grey styrene sprues joined by one clear sprue with canopy and wing tip parts, two sheets of decals and full-colour instruction booklet. The colour schemes offer three machines: DH.100 Vampire FB.52, …