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Maschinengewehr 08 in 1/35 scale

One of our latest news that were available for the first time during last weekend´s E-day 2014 show is this 1/35 resin model of Maschinengewehr 08 which was one of the most-widespread machine guns of both world war.

The pattern model was 3D-printed from the CAD design. The model has two optional parts of the ammo-boxes, one closed and the other open and there are also two ammo-belts, one of them is a spare.

Tempest 1/32 info

Here are some photos of other parts of the forthcoming model Tempest .

Avia C.2 and Arado Ar-96B-1 camouflage & marking

Here are camouflage and markings fron our new kits SH72310 Avia C.2 and Arado Ar 96B-1.

Contest is over, the suprise for E-day is Arado Ar 96B / Avia C.2 1/72

So, the contest has ended after two days. While Czech modellers needed only one day to guess by the wheel disks that the correct answer is Arado Ar 96 / Avia C.2, foreign visitors of our blog needed two days. So, the reward will go to one Finnish and one Czech modeller. And what will the Arado look like? Here are previews of the kits boxes, a photo of the first test shot (with still undershot wing tips) and some other smaller parts that you´ll find in the box. First models will be available during this weekend´s E-day show and you can find them on shop shelves in October

Competition – guess the type of our new model for E-day 2014 - a new hint

As no-one of our English blog visitors has until now guessed correctly the name of our mystery aircraft, we have decided to give you another small hint. Perhaps these pictures of the plane´s windshield and the cockpit interior may help a bit.

Competition – guess the type of our new model for E-day 2014.

One of our new models in 1/72 scale has been prepared as a surprise for you modellers for this year´s E-day show. This model is also our October news. And because the competition associated with Bristol M.1C and the search for mysterious Amberkoj base met with enthusiastic response, I decided  this secret project to participate in our next contest. So this time you will guess type of the airplane which was chosen for our model now. If it turns out that that nobody guessed today, we will publish another picture as a guide. And so it will go to the final solution.

   The winner who guesses first the correct type of the airplane will receive as a reward one free model and even will be able to choose a decal option.  So there is nothing easier than to guess the correct type and send an e-mail to our address. A. R.

SH32060 Bristol M.1C markings

Here are the marking from SH32060 Bristol Mk.1C 1/32 scale kit.

We are happy to present here photos of the first frame of our HA-1112 M-1L Buchón 1/72 scale

We are happy to present here photos of the first frame (the complete model will contain two frames of plastic parts, injected clear canopy, resin and PE-parts) of our HA-1112 M-1L Buchón "Ejército del Aire" model in 72nd scale. Most of these parts will be used for the military version. Note also the auxiliary fuel tank. Its shape reminds early days of aviation, but was really used on Buchóns.

We already know the winner of the „Where Amberkoj is“ quiz.

We would like to thank to all participants for their answers and I can close the contest today morning.  Our quiz already has two winners, both Czech and foreign. Both of them will be sent the prize – the Bristol M.1C model as soon as possible. And the correct answer?
The mysterious village Amberkoj was correctly called Ambarköy, or  Αμπάρ Κιόι in Greek and  Хамбаркьой in Bulgarian. Nowadays, its name is Mandres and is located in Greek Macedonia, north of Thessaloniki.We are very pleased with the positive feedback of this quiz and we will prepare for you some other interesting questions related to our new models.

SH72279 DH.100 Vampire F Mk.3 1/72 - marking selection

Our new kit DH 100 Vampire F Mk.3 1/72 has the following markings:

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