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Dear customers,For all you who cannot be at E-day or you forgot to purchase any goods at our stand, please check out  online offer at This special offer is happening from 27th September to 6th October. You could order our items for the same price as if you were at the show, i.e. 20% discount for all products. We look forward for your purchase orders.Special Hobby team

Special Hobby Hot News

Today just very briefly, first examples of the Potez 25 kits for Azur/Frrom (Fr0037 and 0038) are being completed at Special Hobby's packing dept, our colleagues toolmakers are busy with the Westland Whirlwind wing moulding tool as it is being readied for its first test run.

SH32066 T-33 ‘Japanese and South American T-Birds’ in 1/32 - box contents

Now let's take a closer look at the contents of our August new kit release - the 1/32 scale T-33 T-Bird wearing rather colourful markings of South American as well as Japanese air forces.

1/72 NF Meteors - a new moulding tool

About a month ago, our regular readers might have noticed a couple of images showing the first sprue of small parts for our 1/72 Night Meteor family of kits. And we hope to be able to bring you some more very soon. In the meantime, our team are working on more new moulding tools for the Meteors, one of which has already been almost finished, the other one will follow suit soon.

SH48197 Aero C.3A - camouflage schemes, decals, boxart

The upcoming SH48197 Aero C.3A contains the following four marking and paint schemes, three of which depicts the plane as operated by the Czechoslovak military whilst the fourth one presents the plane as was flown by the VLÚ, or Research Centre.

SN72004 Vesikko - another mould tested

Today's images show the latest development of the 1/72 Vesikko submarine project - the first test shot of the conning tower sprue - produced from Vesikko's second moulding tool we have managed to finish so far. As you can see, the result is not completely perfect yet, need some minor improvements still, but we like it anyway.

SH72345 SMB-2 Super Mystère 'Sa’ar – Israeli Storm in the Sky' - Boxart

The first of Special Hobby's incarnations of the famous French Super Mystere jet is dubbed ‘Sa'ar - Israeli Storm in the Sky’ and will offer the modeller a selection of three SMB2 airframes as rebuilt and flown with the IAF, powered by a J52 turbofan engine of US origin. The kit should be available for the first time at the 2019 Eday over next week.
Now we have for you this rather atmospheric boxart, as usual created by our friend Standa Hajek.

Resin detail sets for 1/48 Siebel Si 204D and Aero C-3A kits

Coming to the shops now is the first trio of nicely detailed resin sets that have been designed to improve our new 1/48 scale kits of the Siebel Si 204D / Aero C-3A (no. SH48170 resp. 48197).
All these three sets have been prepared using 3D technology and were based on components of real Sie 204D / Aero C-3A airframe accessible in a nearby aviation museum.

SH72411 SAAB 37 Viggen Duo Pack & Book - built kits

Martin Pfeifer built both models from our kit 1/72 SH72411 Viggen Duo Pack & Book. It's the SK-37 Viggen (in natural metal) and the AJ-37 Viggen (in camo). You can see both models at E-day 2019 on our presentation table or later also at the Toy Fair in Nuremberg in 2020.