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Cobra special offer on our websites

On our websites: and, our "Cobra" special offer is now underway! The terms of this offer can be found here:

photos of our test model of the Caproni Ca.311

A photo of our test model of the Caproni Ca.311, where we examined the overal fit of its parts. Photoetches were not used, but will be included in the kits of the Ca.3110 and Ca.311M models.

Bomb Disposal Technician 1/35 Scale Figure

Our employee Norbert has sculpted this figure of a military or police bomb disposal expert in 1/35 scale. This vignette is also built and painted by himself. If you like the figure, it is available here:

SH48135 and SH48148 AF-2S Guardian a AF-2W Guardian.... Hunter and Killer 1/48

For this summer time we have prepared two AF-2 Guardian anti-sub planes . These planes operated in a pair and therefore will be released together. The Killer AF-2S is model no. SH48135, the Hunter AF-2W is model no. SH48148. For now we present their boxarts and photos of the first sprues. SH48135 SH48158

AH-1G Cobra kits are in stock

AH-1G Cobra assembled from the production sprues. This kit was displayed at MPM Production booth during Kit Sallon in Nymburk on June 28, 2014.  Also, there were opening sale of the first two versions of Cobra  SH72274 AH-1G Cobra "Spanish & IDF Cobras"

AH-1 Cobra book

Are you looking forward to buying a Special Hobby AH -1G Cobra model and would like to learn more about the history of the Cobra and its combat deployment ? We would like to recommend you a Mike Verier´s book: Cobra ! The Attack Helicopter. More info about the book is here :   Also he helped us with development of the model  and some of the markings we have used can be found in his book.

SH72290 IAR-37 and SH72293 IAR-38 new kits

Right now we are preparing and will start to distribute two interesting biplanes – IAR-37 & IAR-38. Though same at the first glance, they differ by the upper wing span and the power plants. These were one of the last combat deployed biplanes of the World War 2. SH72290 SH72293 SH72290 camouflage profiles SH72293 camouflage profiles IAR-37 wing IAR-37 engine cowling wing detail IAR-38 IAR-37 left side / IAR-38 right side IAR-37/38 fuselage fuselage details interier details SH72290 IAR-37 you can pre-order them here: SH72293 IAR-38 you can pre-order them  here: