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SH72418 and SH48207 SIAI Marchetti SF-260 - clear parts

  We have the first clear parts for the kits SH72418 SIAI Marchetti SF-260 1/72 and SH48207 SIAI Marchetti SF-260 1/48. They are making Ondra, our photographer, very unhappy because the canopies are so shiny that they recflect not only him but also the ceiling, windows and other objects surrounding the photobooth. You can judge for yourself - here are the original picture and the retouched version. In the first you can clearly see the reflection of our window.

1/72 SIAI Marchetti SF-260 and some more moulds update

   The already announced 1/72 SIAI Marchetti SF-260 is scheduled to become available on 10 November 2020 along all other November new kits. The coming Monday will see the polished SF-260 clear parts mould attached to the injection machine for the first time, it comprises the early style canopies for both the 1/72 and 1/48 models. The later and more bulged canopy hoods as seen on the SF-260D and EA airframes with a different type of framing are to be produced from a different set of moulds. The last of the all SF-260 moulds is the one with underwing stores and the type's various antenna systems.    Our team have also already begun work on the small parts moulds for the upcoming 1/32 Whirlwind Mk.I project. A few more moulds are being cad designed these days. And what is also good to know, the 1/72 Sd.Ah 115 mould is almost finished now.    

News from Special Hobby 10/2020

     This year is a year of many a change for the whole world. Should I review the first half of 2020 now, I would say it has been a really succesfull year as far as Special Hobby is concerned. Growth in turnover, increasing sales volumes of the new products in the first months of their appearance on the market alongside with the increased interest in our models in general. All this allowed us to make investmens in new machinery and the preparations of the new models. It also fills us with optimism, which frankly is rather needed these days.     As our company is so successful, one of the smaller Czech-based semi-garage kit companies even started copying some of our earlier models. One of their ‘new releases’ is based not just on our kit´s parts, they borrowed without even asking the building instructions too. This company does not mind taking and copying parts from Czech and also other world model companies, effectively sponging on the development and effort of other companies. Besi

SH72418 SIAI Marchetti SF-260M/AM/W - second sprue testshot and some more news

 The toolmakers have finished the second moulding tool of the upcoming 1/72 SF-260 project. The first images of the test shot sprue are shown in the images below. And along with them, we would like to show you the almost finished clear parts moulding tool for the same project and for its larger 1/48 scale cousin. Yes and also the 1/72 Sd.Anh 115 mould which needs just a few days of milling.