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News from Special Hobby 02/2021

   If the world were as it used to be, I would have had the foreword to this month’s Newsletter finished long time ago. And by now, I would already have arrived to the Nuremberg Toy Fair and had met up with many of you in person. I would have had much to do preparing for the exhibition, but I would have felt much happier. There are people and things that I miss terribly. But everything seems to be the other way round now, doesn’t it. The Modellfan magazine has decided not to interrupt the tradition and to go on with awarding the model companies and their new products with the Modell des Jahres (The Model of the Year) prize. One of the companies who have proudly received this award was also Special Hobby and the awarded model is the new and really excellent 1/72 Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-4 (SH72439).    This, too, pushes us to try and keep the mark of quality really high. And as we are unable to showcase the coming news in flesh and blood at the fair, we will be doing our best and bring