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Special twelve days of Christmas

Dear customers, Christmas eve is in exactly 24 days. And to help you get into the proper spirit we have prepared a special offer for you. We based it on the lovely carol "Twelve days of Christmas". You can choose from 24 kits, each with a discount of 40%. The first round is from December 1 till December 12, 2020; the second from December 13 till December 24, 2020. As a bonus we will add a little gift to each order (the bigger your order the bigger the gift! ) You can find the first twelve kits HERE The offer is for registered customers and only till sold out. Due to limited space you can't combine orders from both rounds. We'll send the last order on December 18, all later orders will be sent in January 2021. Your Special Hobby team

December and January new release boxarts revealed

 The boxes for our new models which are to appear on the market this December and also in January 2021 have arelady been printed out or are being as we speak now. In December, the customers will be able to find in the shops kits SH72423 A-20A/B/DB-7C Havoc/Boston ‘Early Gunships‘ and SH72424 Gloster Meteor F.8 Prone Pilot. In January, the new models are SH72430 Focke Wulf Fw 189B-0/B-1 ‘Luftwaffe Trainer’ a SH72442 EoN Eton TX.1/SG-38 ‘Over Western Europe’.

SH72418 SIAI Marchetti SF-260 - a Belgian Air Component machine built by Martin Pfeiffer

 Martin has built this tiny model, our new photo-guy Onda Hajek (not to be mistaken for our Standa Hajek artist) took a couple of photos and here we are, showing you this Belgian Air Component little beast, built from SH72418 SIAI Marchett SF-260 kit. Martin has already started another one which he plans to finish wearing colourful Aeronautica Militare guise. Both options are offered in the kit.

SH722439 Bf 109E-4 - first real sprue photos

I am pretty sure the most of you cant wait to see these first photos of the new Messerschmitt sprues, although we cannot please everyone of course, some people might start seeing red now, we know who it is. To simply appease your hunger for any 109-related news, let us now show you these images below literally hot off the press, meaning the injection press of course. They were taken quickly, may not be up to the highest standards of product photography, but here you are for now and more and better ones will follow.

SH72439 Messerschmitt Bf 109 E4 - fascinating new release announcement

 Yesterday, the November Newsletter brought a surprising new model release announcement which no doubt sparked a huge avalanche of interest amongst modellers on forums. Today, we have the opportunity to publish the first set of rendered images of the new model. And along with the images, also a preview of the offered marking schemes and decal sheet which you will find in box no. SH72439. More colour options and further versions of this iconic bird are to follow of course.

News from Special Hobby 11/2020

In the last sentence I finished Newsletter 2020/10 with I wrote that this Autumn would be really interesting. And voila, here we are now, this Autumn is really going to bring many a surprise both for Special Hobby and our business partners and modellers. We have prepared for you a really big surprise. Which is ... an all new 1/72 scale model of the Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4.  This project has been worked on in complete secrecy and we aimed for nothing less than a really astonishing model of the 109, accurate in the scale, easy to build and yet full of detail. We joined forces with our colleagues at Eduard, the model has been completely 3D designed and measurements taken on a real machine came very handy. Along with a pre-cut painting mask, we are going to start selling the kit on 20 November 2020. Its predecessor, the E-3 variety, will follow suit a couple of months later. Further versions are planned as well, including those armed with machine guns in their wings (E-1/5/6), export ver