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A bit different 72nd Ki-115 Tsurugi inspired by the immortal Life of Brian film

....and now for something completely different! Mr.Jaroslav Supik has built himself a kind of what if model using SH72198 Ki-.115 Tsurugi kit and finished it in the colours of the Jewish Suicide Commando, or was it Judean's People Front? Now wait, The People's Front of Judea. No no, I have it now, The Popular Front of Judea, it was, indeed! :-)

A pair of Roy Kinsella's 1/72 SB2U-3 Vindicators

 Roy Kinsella shares with our readers now a few photos showing his two Vindicator models. Both White 6 and White 2 took part in the Battle of Midway and Roy modelled them using SH72264 SB2U-3 by Special Hobby. If some of you are being tempted by Roy's models now and are about to buy and build yours, we are very much afraid you will have to hope for the kit to be re-released sometimes, yep all the US Vindicators are sold out. The only models of this family you can get yourselves is either the British  Chesapeake   or the French  Vindicator V-156F .

SH72448 Junkers Ju 87D-5 in 1/72 - Martin Pfeifer's latest beauty

Martin Pfeifer has built and finished this  SH72448 Junkers Ju 87D-5  model and has done so very fast, which is a bit of a trademark for him. While the styrene parts originate in the excellent Academy kit, our reboxing also contains a new conversion styrene sprue plus a fret of photo etches. Even though Martin is a really fast builder, his Stuka was not the first one to see the light of day. Another very fine model built from our kit was exhibited last weekend in Moson. The photos below show Martin's model. O.Hanek photos.

Moson Model Show - pt.2

A second batch of the photos our team have taken in the 2022 Moson Model Show....