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Total sale! 50% off on all Azur and MPM Production kits

We are getting rid of all Azur and MPM Production kits. Both product lines will be cancelled and new models will be released under the Special Hobby brand.
All Azur and MPM Production kits are sold for half price. Make sure to take advantange of this offer which starts on February 1st and ends on March 1st, or until sold out.
This offer is for registered users only. You can see the reduced prices after logging in.

CMK's 1/48 scale Elephant

Our earlier released 1/72 scale Asian Elephant resin figure has proved to sell like hot cakes which lead us to a decision to take some kind of a magic wand and try and enlarge the resin beast to 1/48 scale too. Or to put it another way, as our production manager is and always has been a convinced quarter scale man, there simply was no other way for us to save our positions here than to comply with his wishes. So, our team took the poor animal, the magic wand and uttered some hocus pocus several times.....and, voila, here it is, the Asian Elefant with dimensions to comply with Fredy's 1/48 FAA Corsair or whatever he's gonna yoke with the beast.

   Right, enough fun guys, the magic wand was just our 3D scanning technology combined with a 3D printer which produced the master part for the new figure. In the images below, you can see the original sculpted elephant in the small scale and on the right the orange colour product from the 3D printer. It still has the printing support…

Small parts for Me209 and BV 155 kits - first test shots

Here, we have for you a couple of photos of the very first testhot produced from the moulding tool common for our two recent projects, the Messerschmitt Me209 (#SH72138) which is already available and also for the forthcoming high altitude special, the Blohm Voss BV 155 Karawanken.

SH72297 FH-1 Phantom - wing test shots

We have produced a couple of test shots from the FH-1 Phantom wing moulding tool. Yes, the tool still needs some decent debugging, as the moulds usualy do, but nothing serious nor far too much time-consuming. We feel we are on the right track now.

CASA C-212-100 in Ejército de Chile colours, model built by M.Senft

Yet another model to be displayed at this year's Nuremberg Toy Fair in our stand showcase, this is the Special Hobby's 1/72 CASA C-212-100 (#SH72344) bearing markings of the Chilean Army and a camouflage scheme strikingly resembling that of US military aircraft involved over Vietnam.
M.Senft was asked to build this kit sans any traces of weathering so that the spectators can have a clear idea what the model looks and builds like.

Messerschmitt Me 209V1 - work-in-progress photos, model by Mila Hraban

Our friend Mila Hraban has finished our latest Messerschmitt Me 209V1 kit (SH72138) and you may think, wow what a striking little blue gem. Mila's kit indeed is an absolute beauty and we are very happy to be able to take the model with our team to the Nuremberg Toy Fair and showcase it there over the coming few days.
Just a pity that in the pre-exhibition rush here, we haven't been able to make proper photos of the built model. So, for now, let's take a look at least on a few images of yet unfinished model.

Clear parts for Night Meteors, Me 209 and other 1/72 kits (plus one in 1/144)

Our toolmakers have succesfully finished one new moulding tool which is going to produce clear parts for several new Special Hobby kits. And as you will see, for models of a couple of collaborating companies as well. Now, let's take a look what the modeller may find on the sprues. Firstly, there is the SH Me 209 clear canopy part, the model is already out. Next, you no doubt recongize the unmistakable shape of clear windshield of the Japanese A5M Claude plane, the model of which is to be produced by Avimodel. There is also one 1/144 clear part, custom made for another firm. On another sprue, the flat windows there are meant to go to our Pacific Fleer reboxing of the Barracuda kit. And the largest canopies? Yes, these are for our forthcoming family of the Meteor night fighters.
We are goinig to produce both the earlier versions, the NF Mk.11/12/13 with a Framework canopy cover and the later Mk.14 version with bubble type of the canopy. The latter with two styles of the windscreen.

SH72297 FH-1 Phantom - marking options

The first boxing of the FH-1 Phantom, which was the very first jet fighter of both the US Navy and the Marines, will comprise four marking schemes. For now, you can inspect the side profiles below.

1/72 Kittyhawk Mk.IA - model built by Libor Jekl

Libor Jekl, a highly respected Czech scale modeller has recently finished, and we would like to point out that in a record breaking time limit, our new kit of the RAF Kittyhawk Mk.IA fighter aircraft. Libor is also a long-time collaborator of Valiant Wings Publishing (UK) and his full build article with plenty of photos will be a part of Valiant Wings' new publication on the 1940-1943 air war over Africa. The book is due to be out this April.

Messerschmitt Me 209V-1 1/72

Messerschmitt Me 209V-1 1/72 (SH72138) is already on sale, you can see the content of the box here.
You can order it at

News from Special Hobby 2/2018

News from Special Hobby and CMK Kits View e-mail online The February edition of Special Hobby Newsletter is also an invitation for all our customers and modellers interested in what our firm produces to visit this year’s Nuremberg Toy Fair, the famous SPIELWARENMESSE 2018 in Germany. We will be more than happy to be able to say hello to all of you who decides to visit our stand in Hall no.7, stand no. E-52. Come, you all are crodially invited, it will be worth it.But before we go further to this month’s new kits and sets, I would like to let you know about the kits we are preparing now to be available during a couple of months to come. In 1/72 scale, you could look forward to the long awaited Dornier Do-27 and also a very early jet, the Vampire Mk.I in two various releases. We are also thrilled to offer the modeller community a completely new FH-1 Phantom kit, produced using all new moulding tools. In the quarter scale, you may already know about our announced SH-37 trainer jet. A…