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SH48148 AJ-37 Viggen 1/48 scale Box Art

We are thrilled to present here another excellent boxart painted by our court-artist Mr.Standa Hajek. It will adorn our upcoming 1/48 SAAB AJ-37 Viggen kit which you will be able to enjoy in April.

SH72137 Folland Gnat in 1/72 – the first testshot of the clear parts

We are going to release yet another new model from steel moulds. The very last parts we are still waiting for are its clear parts. The first testshot of these parts (not polished yet!) turned out very well. All parts fit exactly as they were supposed to. Yes it is true that the Gnat´s open canopy looks a bit odd, but responsible are Folland´s designers and we simply had to stick to their design. To enable the modellers to make their model with a canopy either closed or open, we had to make two of them in the kit. The closed one is together with the windscreen, the other which is to be left open is sans the windscreen as this is a separate item. There is also another sprue with early version rear clear part and with clear windows for a recon version nose. not yet polished testshot of the clear parts closed canopy from above and a side view. (the nose section is for Finnish recon version FR Mk.I)   open canopy from above, the canopy fram

SH72076 AH-1G Cobra “over Vietnam with M-35 Gun System” 1/72 scale

SH72076 AH-1G Cobra  “Over Vietnam with M-35 Gun System” in 1/72 scale is our new kit for the next month. Here are the kit's camouflage options:

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