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SH72394 Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 ‘Mersu over Finland’ - box content

Special Hobby's latest new release is the Bf 109G-6 ‘Mersu over Finland’ (kit #SH72394) which contains ex-AZ/KP sprues joined by new and top quality decal sheet, photo-etched fret and resin parts. The latter fix one of the original kit's flaws, doubled and incorrectly shaped exhaust covers (the kit have them moulded on both the exhausts and fuselage halves while these covers should be just one per each side). Our kit also contains two pairs of main undercarriage wheels which come both with tread pattern and smooth tyres.

Progress Report on the Fi 103/V-1, Si 204 and NF Meteor models

   While all the kits that were scheduled for this August release are ready and waiting on our warehouse shelves to be shipped to the customers, we simply cannot slow down our production effort and have to get on at full speed with all the other promised projects, namely the 1/32 Fi 103/V-1, 1/48 Siebel Si 204 and the whole family of night fighting Meteors in 1/72.   In the first three photos below you can inpsect the V-1 wing moulding tool being assembled, the other show the small part moulding tool for the V-1 manned version (release date January 2019), the Si 204 undecrarriage moulds and two galvano-type moulds for the NF Meteors. The wing mould is depicted prior receiving the galvano bath whilst the fuselage mould has already emerged from it.   Let us also show you some shots taken at our warehouse with the August new kits. Both these and the test shots of our upcoming projects are going to be present at this weekend's Pilsen Kit show. Do visit us there!

MiG-29 Fulcrum - Duke Hawkins' fourth Aircraft In Detail publication

   You may already be familiar with the Aircraft In Detail series from the pen of Duke Hawkins who has so far published books on the Jaguar, Mirage 2000 and the F-16 jet fighters. Now we would like to turn your attention to his fourth publication which goes very deep describing the Russian MiG-29 Fulcrum jet. Even this publication is available via our e-shop or you can get yours while visiting our stand at this Saturday's Pilsen Kit show.  

SH72351 Delta Mk.II/III RCAF - what's in the box

   The Northrop Delta was an important aircraft that paved the way in the development of regular and reliable air transportation even for such advanced type as was the iconic DC-3 airliner. We cannot forget thar these both shared the same designers, well at least some of them. The Delta was produced in several slightly differing versions. The early versions had a single pilot cockpit arrangement. Our company has prepared a model of these early Deltas for our French partner at Azur-Frrom in two boxings , which were followed by our own release of the Delta 1D/E model (SH72329) with two US liveries (one of them of the USCG) and one RAAF scheme. This version features a fuselage with two pilot seats in side by side arrangement. The last Delta we have released so far is the Canadian in licence produced version. This type had yet another style of the fuselage with its passenger cabin well suited for military purposes and the kit does also offer another type of the tail fin, typical for Canad