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Reggiane Re.2000 I. Serie in 1/48 plus resin sets and pre-cut masks

   The Italian reboxing of Special Hobby's Reggiane Re.2000 I.serie is one of new releases to become available this July. Along with the kit, four CMK sets and a pre-cut wheel and canopy mask M48003 have been designed. The resin sets to enhance the model significantly are: Q48371 Reggiane Re 2000 Main Wheels, Q48372 Reggiane Re 2000 Tailwheel with Strengthened Leg, Q48373 Reggiane Re 2000 Exhausts a Q48374 Reggiane Re 2000 Headrest. The tailwheel leg is of course made of special heat-hardened resin to withstand the weight of the model. These sets and the mask as well can be also used with already available release no. SH48208 J-20/Héja I .    

M1280/JLTV - Martin's neatly finished MV124 kit

Martin has also finished this tiny resin thing, a 1/72 rendition of the new US M1280 JLTV vehicle, model no. MV124 , which besides the standard set of resin items also offers the modeller with a set of clear resin windows and a fret of photo etches.

SH72162 Short Sunderland - Martin Pfeifer's build in progress

A coule of weeks ago, Martin embarked on quite a huge project, choosing to build Special Hobby's SH72162 Sunderland Mk.V kit. The first series of images shows the rather busy looking and neatly painted interior while the second, more recent batch of photos brings the already assembled airframe which has just got an overall coat of a greyish primer, so it more than anything looks like a great whale. Let's wait and see how Martin's build develops.

Resin Detail Sets for Airfix's B-25C/D Mitchell

Since the end of last year, we have been gradually launching sets designed to improve the model of the famous B-25C/D Mitchell bomber as manufactured by Airfix. The offer includes a new Pilots' cockpit and radio compartment 7428 , Nose compartment (bomb aimer's station) 7429 and most recently also the stowed Dinghy . Sets 7428 and 7429 also contain photo etched details. A conversion set for the B-25G version is currently being worked on and besides the PE fret, it is going to offer a decal sheet, too.

SH48203 Grunau Baby IIB built by Martin Pfeifer

The Grunau Baby  is one of Special Hobby's latest releases, it first appeared on hobby shop shelves only this month. The model is completely 3D designed and is produced using metal moulding tools. The surface detail is very crisp and as Martin says, the parts fit like a glove. His Baby was built over a very few days, while he was also building the JLTV and begun to build the Sunderland. The images below illustrate both his effort and the content of the box.