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AJ-37 Viggen in 1/48 - superbly finished model by Niky Levy

The latest IPMS Israel meeting saw Niky Levy's fabulously built 1/48 AJ-37 Viggen showcased for the visitors. Niky built the model using Special Hobby SH48148 kit and the photographs which do the magic of teleporting us all to sunny Israel came via our mate Yoav Efrati. Our huge thanks to both these gentlemen.

What is in the Military Vehicle range pipeline

    Our 1/72 Military Vehicle range of resin kits is going to receive a welcome addition soon. The two new kits will be the TbtsK C/36 150mm gun turret which was originally meant to be used on German destroyers. Later, after some improvement done, the turrets found their use in the Atlantic Wall, both in open firing positions and in enclosed concrete bunkers. The open position turret kits are being developed as well and will come under The master patterns are 3D printed and the kit also contains photo etched details.    The Zetor 25 ‘Agricultural Version’ tractor kit MV129 is a follow up to our earlier and very well received model of the smaller Zetor 15. And as well as kit MV126, it has been created using our 3D software, contains etches and this one also a sheet of decals - bringing markings for three colour schemes.        

SH32082 AH-1G Cobra ‘Early Tails over Nam’ Hi-Tech Kit in 1/32 - quick look what is in the box

 Model kits usually come in rather moderate size boxes. Which, as you will see today, definitely is not the case with our latest release, the  1/32 SH32082 AH-1G Cobra . And we do believe that this in-box view persuades you to go and get the model for your stash. Besides the usual styrene format parts, you will receive 3D-printed parts, resin cast items, pre-painted as well as normal photo ethes, pre-cut masks for outside and inside of the canopy hood and decal sheet with markings for four really attractive scheme options. But, as a picture always paints a thousand words, do take a look at the photos below and make your own mind...

SH72457 Bugatti 100P Racer - Standa Hajek boxart

Standa Hajek at his very best, again! No gunfire, no huge bomb explosions and yet this is the sort of boxart that is definitely going to stun the model builders as the real Blue Bugatti would have done had it taken to the skies around the race pylons back at the time. Well, enough said, Special Hobby's 1/72 Bugatti 100P Racer kit SH72457 is scheduled to appear at the course, sorry on the shelves, in January 2022.

1/72 Special Armour models built by Sebastian Gladeck - pt.II

   Today we would like to bring you the second in the series of photos of 1/72 Special Armour models built by Sebastian Gladeck of the Modellbauklub Koblentz. Photos sent courtesy of Bernd Heller who also took them. Our big thank you to both gentlemen.   Among Sebastian's models you can find also the 1/72 SS-100 Gigant SA72001 , A-Stoffanhänger ‘Liquid Oxygen Tank for V2’ SA72015 and the Meillerwagen ‘V-2 Transporter’ SA72012 . All these three were the support vehicles for the V-2 rocket missile, a model of which Special Armour also produces.