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SH72162 Short Sunderland in 1/72 scale - another small parts sprue

In my April posting, I showed you the first Sunderland runner with some of the interior parts. Now I am happy to present here another sprue that contains the u/c parts, defensive armament and other items.

Letov Š.328 in 1/72 scale - another boxart and clear parts

Our court painter Mr.Standa Hajek has come up with another marvelous piece-of-art and portrayed a Letov Š.328 “Kravka” (as unofficially known by Slovak pilots) over the Eastern front battling Soviet troops. This painting will adorn the second and definitely not the last one boxing of this model. The clear parts runner for our forthcoming 72nd scale Letov Š.328 kit has already been put into production. There are two styles of the fuselage side windows, one with a frame, the other witout, as per the different production series of the real machine. As the styrene material is exquisitely clear, the frame is virtually unvisible in the photos. Thus we´ve enhanced it a bit using a marker.

SH72250/299 N-3PB in 1/72 scale - first sprue

Not a re-release of our older Northrop kit, this is a completely new tool model of the N-3PB floatplane which had so great importance for Norwegian aviation during the war. We are going to offer this model in two boxings that will come with different camouflage schemes. These two kits will be labelled as SH32250 N-3PB “No.330 (Norwegian) Squadron” and SH72299 N-3PB “Little Norway Service” respectively. The very first test shot of the wing runner has just been made as you can see in the photos below. In the kit, there will be three styrene runners in total accompanied by a clear one.

Family of Vildebeests and Vampires of Patrick Branly

This year´s Modellbrno show was attended also by Patrick Branly with his friends from a French model club. Modelmaking is not the only thing which Patrick does, he also writes about models, mainly for Wingmaster magazine. We agreed on meeting at our factory premises on Monday after the Modellbrno show, together with his friends. We made a small excursion and I had an opportunity to make some photos of his models, which he presented at club exhibition in Brno. It is beautiful family of Vildebeest/Vincent models from Azur/Frrom and Special Hobby and two Vampires from Azur box. It all is 1/72. FR019 Vickers Vincent Mk.I FR019 Vickers Vincent Mk.I FR019 Vickers Vincent Mk.I FR019 Vickers Vincent Mk.I FR017 Vickers Vildebeest Mk.II FR017 Vickers Vildebeest Mk.II FR017 Vickers Vildebeest Mk.II FR017 Vickers Vildebeest Mk.II FR017 Vickers Vildebeest Mk.II SH72241 Vickers/CASA type 245 Spanish Vildebeest with floats SH72241 Vickers/CASA

1/48 AF-2W Guardian, SH48158 kit, finished model

We have already published some photos of AF-2S “Killer” version of our Guardian model, and now we are happy to present here the other, ie AF-2W “Hunter” version of the same Grumman aircraft. This model has been built by Jiri “Hubert” Machacek from Liberec. I´ve also tried to take picture of both models together, but it would rather need a “fish-eye” type of lense I think.