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The Nuremberg Toy Fair 2014 was very successful for the MPM Production company.

The Nuremberg Toy Fair 2014 was very successful for the MPM Production company.  Business dealings have been fruitful and our models were also awarded with two ModelFan Magazine prizes.  The whole series of Special Armour V2 rockets and accompanying transport vehicles won this prize and the 48 th Fairey Firefly fighters were also awarded, these are in the Special Hobby range that includes the war-time Mk.I version and also the post-war Mk.4/5/6 machines. We were also very happy to be able to present testshots of our forthcoming models such as AH-1G/Q/S Cobra, DH Vampire, Mirage F.1, Fouga Magister / Zéphyr, Sunderland Mk.V in the 72 nd scale, also AF-2S/W Guardian in the 48 th scale, and  other models too.

T-2 Buckeye in the 1/32nd model scale!

One of the most famous American jet planes, the T-2 Buckeye in the 1/32 nd model scale! Highly detailed model is prepared for you in two versions. Model SH32037 T-2 Buckeye „Red & White Trainer“ contains decal sheet for three US Navy and US Marines machines in their colourful red and white livery. Model SH32059 T-2 Buckeye „Camouflaged Trainer“ covers US Navy plane in Low-viz camo and also Hellenic AF and Venezuelan AF machines. 1/32 T-2 Buckeye "Red & White Trainer" Art.Nr.: SH32037 1/32 T-2 Buckeye "Camuflaged Trainer" Art.Nr.: SH32059 T-2 Buckeye on Wikipedia