News from Special Hobby 08/2020

At the very beginning of our August Newsletter, I simply can’t but get back to what happened in our company last month. Some of you will already have noticed on Special Hobby blog  that two new injection machines were brought to our press shop, one brand new along with an almost-new one. They took place of two old and worn out machines so that we would be able to produce new models for you not just in substantially higher quality, but also much faster. A handful of photos of the machines being brought in is shown on the blog.
   In July, we also managed to acquire a couple of ex-MPM/MK72 moulding tools which are going to be used to enrich the Special Armour range of high quality models this Autumn, allowing us to produce such kits as the Marder II, Sd.Kfz 250 Alte Ausführung, Sd.Kfz 250 Neue Ausführung and Sd.Kfz 10 (Demag 7), all of which are in 1/72 scale.
   Our team are also working really hard on 1/32 scale model kits of the Westland Whirlwind and DH.82 Tiger Moth and on a whole…

SH72427 AH-1G Cobra ‘Early Tails over Nam’ - scheme options revealed

Along with the already shown decal sheet, the marking options for the new Cobra kit has also been finished. The kit has been dubbed the ‘Early Tails over Nam’ to point out their port side-mounted tail rotor. All the schemes seemed rather appealing and eye-catching, at least to our team, and we hope you might like them too.

SH32047 Westland Whirlwind in 1/32 - work in progress

Perhaps some might say there has not been much news about the upcoming 1/32 scale Whirlwind recently. They may be right. But that definitely does not mean we are not working on this project. Our designer has been busy finishing the cockpit parts and today we are happy to be able to share a couple of rendered images of his achievement with you here. Did he do a good job? We believe he did.

New injection machine being brought in - or large scale manoeuvres on a small yard

Last Thursday was rather busy indeed on our company yard here in Horni Pocernice, a district of the capital of Prague. As the production volume had been on the increase here and we had also needed to accommodate larger moulding tools to produce the plastic kits, we simply had no other option than to acquire a new and really powerful injection machine. Or in fact, two machines, one brand new and the other already used. Though it cost the company several milions CZK, we do believe it will pay off rapidly, not to speak about the increased quality and speed of the production.
   The new machines took place of the older ones, our faithful old "Ce-Es" and Arburg, which had been pushed away from the works and waved the final good-bye.