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A 1/48 Romeo Ro.43 on Trento cruiser catapult

The Italian heavy cruiser Trento was introduced into active service in 1929 and her fate was sealed in June 1942 by a torpedo launched from British submarine HMS Umbra. During the war, her catapults were often used by Romeo Ro.43 observation and reconnaissance biplanes. A model of this aircraft is produced by Special Hobby in the widely-liked 1/48 scale, its catalogue number being  SH48137 . A modeller unfortunately unknown to us has built the kit and placed it on a catapult with a section of the Trento cruiser hull. The photos which you can admire today have been kindly provided by the editor of SKY MODEL Magazine Thomas Abbondi. This magazine, whose friendly team collaborates with our company, is not the only one published by Aurigapublishing, for more interesting periodicals please visit their website As always, many many thanks for the photos.

A Trio of Emils - Patrick Branly multiplies his Bf 109E collection

Patrick Branley, a famous modeller and aviation historian from France, has lately added these three superbly finished Emil models to his collection. All of them built using Special Hobby kits, and he is going to have an article published soon in the Tamiya Model Magazine with many more photos than we were allowed to showcase today. Now why not follow in his footsteps with the SH727439 Bf 109E-4 , SH72443 Bf 109 E-3 or SH72454 Bf 109E1 kits?  Our huge thanks go to awesome Patrick of course!

1/35 Tamyia Stug IIIG with CMK sets - built by Petr Šámal

Petr Šámal, the chairman of the Plastic Model branch of the Association of the Modellers of the Czech Republic, has visited us with his 1/35 Tamiya Stug IIIG model so we gladly jumped to the opportunity to make a couple of photos of his build. Petr embellished his Stug by the addition of metal tracks, photo etches, turned antenna and, last but not least, several CMK sets designed for this kit. And it was Petr's meticulous attitude to modelling as well as those sets that turned the kit into a real gem. The whole range of the sets can be found HERE . 

Amos Vašátko' 1/32 Curtiss H-75 Hawk as finished by Tom Mandys

Tomáš Mandys sent in a couple of photos of his 1/32 Curtiss H-75 kit finished as flown by Alois Ámos Vašátko, a famous Czechoslovak WW2 pilot, during the Battle of France. His build is based on the already out of stock Azur A045 kit which offered this colour option. Huge thank you Tom for the photos!