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Eday 2022 - October news released ahead of their time

Each month's new models and sets are always scheduled to become available on the 10th of the month. This October's new items are no exception in that rule. However, this weekend you will be able to buy any of our October news at our booth at the 2022 E-day - in a sort of premature debut way - and these are as follows: 1/48 SH48167 L-39ZA/ZA ART Albatros (reissue) plus two detail resin cast sets for our latest news, the excellent little gem named Mirge IIICJ. These two sets are the Q72401 Mirage IIIC Wheels and Q72402 Mirage IIIC Atar 9B Engine Nozzle.

SH72136 Junkers Ju 87A Stuka - a few last ones in 1/72

While tidying a bit our warehouse, also known as The Tin Hut (guess why and also why we do like working there in hot summer days :-) , we came across a few last sprues of the 1/72 scale Junkers Ju 87A Stuka kit. Really only a few of them, so the very first idea was nothing else than to get rid of them somehow. Well, we did  not, as you can see now below, we rather completed the sprues with the appropriate boxes, resin parts, decals etc and now you will have the opportunity to get one of these very last Stuka kits this weekend at the 2022 Eday or via our eshop. I believe I do not need to stress out that the quantity is quite limited and the kits will be madeavailable only for end customers.

New releases from HMH Publications and 1 Man Army - to be available via SH e-shop and at 2022 E-day

   Today let us share with you the very welcome addition to our e-shop - in the form of no less than three brand new books prepared for avid modellers and historian alike by famous HMH Publications from Belgium. Besides rather usual aviation-themed    F-104 Starfighter (DH025) and  Agusta/Westland A109 (DH024)  efforts, we also want to point out to really thick book crammed with many many period photographs and devoted to the occupation of Bruxelles between 1940 and 1944 B ruxelles Album d`une occupation 1940-44 (WH001) . The publication is bi-lingual, in English and French, the two aircraft books are in ENglish only.    And, alongside with these must-have books, let me also mention one more and also very welcome product new to our eshop, the unique and I must say of utmost quality - spray masks made by 1 Man Army - set  P-39Q Makin Airacobras H.D. Airbrush Masks (124-32DET047) . As the name suggests, the masks are designed for the 1/32 scale  SH32026  P-39Q Makin Airacobras  kit. Wha

1/48 scale Special Hobby Reggianes

A few days back, our photo guy was taking pictures of the  SH48205 Reggiane Re 2000 Serie III, and it did slip his mind to use the opportunity and portray all our Reggiane models together. And what a nice view it is indeed. So, now, besides that mentioned Serie III model, let us show you also the Reggiane Re.2000 Serie I ( SH48204 ) and the export variety of the type, model no. SH48208 (with both the Hungary and Sweden decal options - this one not in the photos though) and Reggiane Re 2005 ( SH48206 ). And we cannot omit to mention that for all these Regiannes, resin cast sets and pre-cut masks are of course available too.