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March – the book month. 20 – 50% discount on selected books

The sale starts on March 1, 2018, and lasts till April 1, 2018, or until sold out. We have limited quantities of these books and some don’t come in more than one piece. In the course of the sale we will extended. This offer is for club members only. The reduced prices will be visible after log in .

1/32 SH32055 Tempest Mk.6 - nose section test shots and camouflage option profiles

The Tempest Mk.6 was the final production version of the Tempest fighter aircraft and it was specially equipped to see service in tropical and desert areas. Besides the more powerful Sabre engine which needed enlarged oil cooler (now located in the wing roots as with the Mk.II version), it also got tropical dust filter mounted beneath the mid fuselage. All these extra parts are catered for in the new sprue, as you can see in the image below. This is the first test shot only, still needs some slight adjustments. Special Hobby are going to offer the modeller with four various camouflage options, one in aluminium paint finish, the second in bare metal and the last two wearing camouflage colours, the standard Day Fighter scheme and also the highly unusual and interesting post-war Tropical Scheme of Earth and Slate Grey.

CMK resin sets for 1/72 J2M3 Raiden / Jack (Hasegawa kit)

The Hasegawa's 1/72 J2M3 Raiden / Jack is a bit older yet still very nice little kit. And no doubt it will definitely benefit from the addition of a couple of detail sets that we have prepared recently in our CMK range of resin products. In the images below, you can see for yourselves the huge amount of detail levels that really give the model a boost. We showcased the model with the prototype sets at the Nuremberg Fair and they were liked very much by the visitors. And here is the complete list of the J2M3 Raiden/Jack sets: 7392 1/72 J2M3 Raiden – Cockpit Set for Hasegawa kit 7393 1/72 J2M3 Raiden – Armament Set for Hasegawa kit  7394 1/72 J2M3 Raiden – Control Surfaces Set for Hasegawa kit  ­7395 1/72 J2M3 Raiden – Wing Flaps Set for Hasegawa kit 7396 1/72 J2M3 Raiden – Undercarriage Set for Hasegawa kit and in Quick &Easy line, we are going to offer also set #Q72305 J2M3 Raiden Seat with Belts.

Mirage F.1EQ/ED - March release boxart

In a few coming weeks, we will be releasing a new reboxing of our 1/72 Mirage F.1 kit, this time in rather exotic version EQ and ED in the guise of several Middle East operators, namely the Iraqi Air Force (two machines, one bearing as many as 14 kill markings on its nose, the other armed with Exocet anti ship missile), the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (one machine in a new and quite eye-catching scheme of mid blue and light grey) and the final option is a pair of Lybian Air Force machines with the option to build them wearing either the old all-green type of national insignia or the new, three-coloured ones.

News from Special Hobby 3/2018

the fair got successfully off the treadmill of all the business meetings and negotiations. It was really very nice to be able to meet many of our customers and business partners as well as to get to know the new ones. It could be heard from all sides that the quality of our model kits has risen immensely over the past few years. It makes us happy of course and also binds us not to rest on our laurels. For the years to come, we will do our very best to achieve yet higher standards of quality of our models.At the fair, we displayed not only our latest releases, but also the models which are yet to come to the shops and still need some work to get finished. Most liked among the visitors were perhaps the four versions of the 1/72 Viggen model (joint programme with our Swedish partner at Tarangus), the 1/72 night fighting Meteors or the quarter scale Siebel 204 kit. Of all the resin sets and CMK resin models, most interesting seemed to have been the exquisitely detailed WW1 arti

Twin engined Duo - or a pair of built CASA C-212-100 models

   Just in time to be showcased at the Nuremberg Fair, Martin Pfeifer built for us Special Hobby's 1/72 CASA C-212-100 model in Spanish guise (model #SH72344 ). And, as we have already mentioned in one of the previous SH blog instalments, our Portuguese customer, Ms.Lidia Lasco of JGT Modelismo in Lisboa brought us another built CASA model, this time wearing Portuguese markings (limited release kit #SH72376 ). Let's take a closer look at both of them in the photos below.   We would be very happy to be able to mention the name of the modeller who have built the Portuguese CASA for us, unfortunately we cannot. Besides the CASA, he also made a very nice pad for his model, in a form of a runway tarmac section and his name was given on a nameplate in the corner of the pad. What is most terrible, the pad was stolen from our transport box (the model itself was in another box and was saved, thanks for that at least).    In case the clearly highly skilled Portuguese modeller read thi