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SA72022 Sd.Ah 115 Flatbed Trailer - built by Martin Pfeifer

 Along with the Sd.Kfz 250/1 , Martin has also built another one of the 1/72 Special Armour new kits, the SA72022 Sd.Ah 115 Trailer . Pictured below both empty and with the carried Sd.Kfz half track vehicle. Photos by Mr.Hajek again. 

SH72447 Harvard Mk.II/IIA/IIB ‘The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan’ - new clear parts

 One of the major attributes of the war-time Texan/Harvard airframes which differentiate them from the post war AT-6G types were the clear canopies and their framing. And as we are going to produce the Texans and Harvards which flew during WW2, we do need these new canopies - meaning we had to design them in 3D, mill the moulding blocks, polish it very carefuly and finally, made a couple of test shots. These you can see in the images below...

SA72019 Sd.Kfz 250/1 as finished by Martin Pfeifer

 Martin has built one of the latest new kits in our Special Armour range, the SA72019 Sd.Kfz 250/1. This German WW2 half track troop carrier was among the most widely used military vehicles of the Wehrmacht during the war years. The moulding tools, which were acquired from the MK72 company, rate amongst the best in 1/72 scale and when first released, the kit was awarded the Model of the Year prize. Photo images of the sprues here . Pictures below made by our fabulous photographer Ondra Hajek. 

SH72443 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3 - Jan Simon builds his second Mess, now with CMK sets

This is the second one of the two Messerschmitt Bf 109E models recently built by Jan Šimon. This time he has chosen to finish it as the E-3 version airframe flown by Josef ‘Pips’ Priller. The kitset used by Jan was the second released by Special Hobby, SH72433 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3 . The kit offers as many as five paint schemes, four of which were flown by Luftwaffe ace pilots. The side profiles can be seen in an earlier installment of SH blog here . There is already quite a large range of various resin detail sets available for these Messerschmit kits. Jan has taken two of them, Wing Guns 7457 and FuG VII Radio Equipment 7458  to make the look of his model even more captivating. The couple of shots at the very bottom show both his models side by side. Photos - again by our fabulous Ondra Hajek.

‘Le Monstre Français’ - the ARL-44 (MV122) in diorama built by Alfred Riedel

 Having finished the resin  1/72 ARL-44 heavy tank ( Military Vehicles series CMK kit no. MV122 ), Alfred was thinking of a way to display the real size and proportions of the French beast - which in actual fact exceeded even that of the King Tiger and other WW2 heavy tanks. It crossed his mind that on tank training grounds sometimes in 1947, an ARL-44 might very well have passed by an abandoned and long time rusting Pz.IV. So, first he made a base which would provide the ARL-44 with a proper place under the sun and then he took his previously finished Revell Pz.IV tank, removed its mudguards and other unnecessary equipment and rusted it a bit, too. As he says, this was his first attempt to make such a diorama, and he hopes you will be kind with your judgements. Nevertheless, he is rather happy with the outcome which does give the right impression of the sheer size of the French Monstre.

SH72447 Harvard Mk.II/IIA/IIB - Boxtop Design

 This spring will see the release of a limited batch of the SH72447 1/72 Harvard Mk.II/IIA/IIB kit. It's boxtop will clearly show the wide range of all the paint schemes offered in the kit, which as you can see has been rather aptly named ‘The British Commonweatlh Air Training Plan’. The schemes will offer machines from the RCAF, in this kit as used by Czechoslovak airmen, machines as operated by the RAF (flown by Poles), SRAF, RNZAF as well as by the RIAF. While we do hope the modellers will be happy with the selection, we can also say that those who will not, have to wait until the release of another boxing, which is planned to bring the Texan variety as operated by the USAAF and US Navy.