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1/72 Super Mystere - first testshot trial build

Only a couple of days we showed you the 1/72 Super Mystere test shots, now as the test build have already begun, we want to share with you our first impressions and a few in-progress images. Well, so far, the build is quite straightforward and brings no major obstacles save for some flashes around several parts and some undershot areas as well. The fit, once the flash is removed, is pretty good, for example the upper section air intake trunk with the cockpit just snaps to its lower counterpart and the tail fin, which goes as a separate part, attaches to the body in panel lines and fits exceptionally...

Ball Lightning continues

The second episode of our last week's Operation Ball Lightning took place yesterday and the last of in total three nearly new injection presses found its new home within Special Hobby premises.

SH72351 Delta Mk.II/III ‘RCAF’ boxart

Today, we have received yet another simply atmospheric piece of art from our court artist Standa Hajek. This ‘Study in Blue’, if you allow me such description, is going to adorn our SH72351 Delta Mk.II/III ‘RCAF’ kit scheduled for this July release.

1/72 Super Mystere progress report - first testshot images

It has been a while since we have announced the 1/72 and 1/48 brand new kits of the French Super Mystere jet. Here we are so happy to be able to share with you the very first photos of the 1/72 scale sprue samples we received literally just a few minutes ago. Now we are going to examine the samples thoroughly and begin the rather strenuous and time taking process of debugging the moulding tools and depending on the outcome of this process, it could be possible for the first examples to reach the market later this year.

1/48 SK-37E Stör-Viggen gets a new sprue

The new re-boxing of the 1/48 Viggen kit is to receive one more sprue with quite a couple of new parts. The content of this sprue is here for you to inspect in the images below. There are a pair of new forewings with flaps that can be portrayed in their down position, the ram air turbine and some more allowing the modeller to make a correct replica of the SK-37 version.  All these new sprue parts will accompany our next reboxings of the Viggen too.
   By the way, will you be able to spot one almost fatal issue in this new sprue? Our production manager, having noticed it himself, almost passed out and fell off his chair.

PLT241 Aero A-304 in 1/48 - finished model

Classic Airframe's Jules Bringuier has sent us two photographs today depicting a model he proudly possesses in his collection, built using our 1/48 Planet PLT241 Aero A-304 resin kit. Thanks Jules, nicely done!

SH72327 Dornier Do 27 in 1/72 - finished model

Mila Hraban has once again proved what an incredibly fast and top notch quality model builder he is. Less than a week ago, several happy modellers we able to grab the first examples of SH72327 Do 27 model at the Prague Panthers Cup last weekend and voila, here it is, Mila's Doriner finished and almost ready to fly.
   Our regular distributors and customers will receive the model in few coming days, the kits are now being packaged at Special Hobby warehouse...

SH72340 Blohm Voss BV 155V-1 in 1/72 - finished model

Today, let us share with you a couple of images of one of our latest models, the WW2 Luftwaffe's high altitude fighter prototype, the Blohm Voss BV 155V-1 in 1/72 scale which has been skilfully built by our collaborator Martin Pfeifer. This kite's glider-like wings have the span of a Spitfire, would you believe that? (yep, just take a quarter scale model)