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One more Fordson version to come soon

Following the WOT2E wooden cargo bed Fordson, let us unveil now its comrade in the arms, so to speak, the Van version designated the WOT2D. The kit is to get this fancy boxart. Tempted yet? 

A twice-captured Squirrel

Among our several coming soon releases is also the 1/72 SH72485 Tachikawa Ki-54 Hickory ‘Captured and Post War Service’ kit. The decal sheet caters for a-US operated machine captured in the Philippines, re-painted and named Lemon, a French owned Ki-54 that flew transport duties in French Indochina (Vietnam these days) and the third option is a machine with the markings of the communist North Korea regime. This ono, wearing a squirrel emblem on its tail, had been taken from the defeated Japanese Army and as the Koreans themselves did not do any better as the UN troops, or to be more precise the Americans, re-captured the machine too during one of the Korea war offensives.

1/72 SH72428 Heinkel He 59B - inbox preview

Now let us offer you an inbox view of the recently re-released 1/72 Heinkel He 59B kit - SH72428 . We need to point out that the kit is recommended for more experienced modellers as it does need a lot of patience and skills to assemble all the interplane and float struts right and also as it is quite a piece of furniture indeed, even though a 1/72 model, it equals a fairly sized quarterscale!

Martin's small Sd.Kfz 250/1

 The 1/72  SA72005  Sd.Kfz 250/1 Ausf.B (Neue Ausführung)  obviously made Martin Pfeifer very happy and he did not wasted his time and turned the kit into this very neat looking tiny half-track model

Target Tug inbox - SH72487 Meteor TT.20

The Meteor TT.20 is a very good example of a fine aircraft that while it got obsolete in its original role, still kept serving in another. Our way to make this TT.20 version mimics that of the English Electric/Gloster manufacturers as we took the existing Mk.11 Meteor and coupled it with a winch mechanism. And we also need to say very big thank you to one of our colleagues in the UK who very kindly shared with us many many detailed photographs that enabled us to portray both the cockpit and the airframe differences, making this kit our best target tug model so far. Need to mention here that the winch and other conversion parts were made on a 3D printer for the best possible surface detail quality.