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October releases

Available on good hobby shop shelves next month, these three Special Hobby new kits will sport the boxarts shown here now. The 1/48 scale Viggen kit contains a new sprue and an improved instruction booklet, hence the title Updated Edition on its box.

SH72388 Mirage F.1C/C-200 Armée de l'Air - full scheme options

In total four French chic beauties, that is what you can expect to find in our impending release, the Mirage F.1C/C-200 kit (#SH72388). With all these colourful tails, nose arts and beastly jaws, it seems quite impossible to chose which one of the Mirages build first. Seriously, I am tempted to have all four of them on display. I also must not forget to mention the immense assistance we have been so lucky to receive from our French partner and friend Christopher Verdoux whose huge photographic archive and almost intimate familiarity with the type was essential in making our schemes as accurate as only possible. Merci cher ami!

Newsletter 10/2018

The October release of Special Hobby’s regular Newsletter comes in an improved form. I have decided for some sort of modification and make the news and informations on our injection moulded models more clear and concise. Those of you who might miss the usual and more detailed history treatise, just head over to our website, everything is there. You will have already noticed on our facebook site that Special Hobby have begun moulding the 1/72 scale SAAB 37 Viggen model. The first batch of kits being made is to go to Sweden to our partners at Tarangus while our own release is scheduled to be out in about six months‘ time. In this instalment of our newsletter, we are also going to announce the release of the 1/32 Fi 103/V-1 unmanned flying bomb, which should be joined by the model of the piloted version known as the Fi 103 A-1/Re4 in January next year. We are also going to re-release the massively-asked-for model of the DH Vampire in colours of Scandinavian air forces – SH72281 Vampir

SH48195 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc ‘Overseas Jockeys’ - decal sheet and marking options

Overseas Jockeys is this September new release which brings you five highly interesting colour schemes of almost world-wide Spitfire operators. Check for yourselves in the decal and profile designes below.

Sh72388 Mirage F.1C/C-200 ‘Armée de l'Air’ - colour side profiles and decal sheet design

Our forthcoming model kit of the French Mirage F.1C/C-200 contains four colourful and no doubt eye-catching marking options, this time all of them as operated by the Armée de l'Air. Today, let us show you not just the profiles, but the already finished decal sheet design. We hope you as thrilled by the options as we are.      

Eday online & preorders

Would you like to get our E-day discount but cannot come to the show? During our event E-day 2018 online you can order our items online with the same discount (20%). The even starts on September 14 and ends on October 7, 2018, or until sold out. You can also place pre-orders for E-day and pick your items up at the show. Please note that all orders have to be paid in advance. We accept pre-orders till midnight on September 23, 2018. If you would like to place your pre-order, please select the option „E-day personal pick-up“. This discount is for all Special Hobby / CMK items and is valid for all buyers, not only for our club members.