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SH72358 Meteor NF Mk.11/13 in 1/72 fuselage - first test shots

Even though we have already many times informed about our intentions to produce each and every version of the night fighter Meteors, some eager modellers keep asking whether besides the recently released NF Mk.12 could be also produced the other remaining NFs.  So, once and for all, yes of course we plan to do so, and frankly we would not do ourselves a good service if not as the first boxing of the NF 12 Meteor does sell like hot cakes.
   And let us provide you with a more tangible response today in the form of a couple images depicting the very first fuselage sprues of the coming NF 11/13 Meteors. We still need to get rid of some minor flaws in this mould, but it has already become clear that you can expect this version to hit the market sometimes during the first half of 2020. And let us tempt you even more, the first of NF Mk.14s is supposed to come later the same year.

SH48208 J-20/Héja I 'Re 2000 Export Birds' 1/48 - boxart

Special Hobby have already announced the release of the new-tool 1/48 scale Reggiane Re 2005 kit but it is not the only Italian WW2 fighter in the pipeline here - there is also its predecessor, the Reggiane Re 2000 coming soon. Its first boxing SH48208 J-20/Héja I ‘Re 2000 Export Birds’ will offer a couple of machines as operated in Sweden and Hungary.
   The box top art has been magnificently painted by our collaborator Standa Hajek and it has already proven many times that Standa is not capable of producing bad paintings, just good ones or those comparable with the world's top artists. And let's be honest, today's image clearly falls into the latter category.

SH72346 MD-500E 1/72 built by Juanjo Dominguez

Junajo Dominguez has shared with us pictures of his very nicely built 1/72 SH72346 MD-500E kit. Thanks a lot, Juanjo!

SH72345 SMB-2 Super Mystére ‘Sa'ar - Israeli Storm in the Sky’ - built by Moshe Katz

The images below capture Moshe Katz's fabulously built SH72345 SMB-2 Super Mystére ‘Sa'ar - Israeli Storm in the Sky’ kit.

SH72414 Mirage F.1 Duo Pack & Book - box review

SH72414 is now in stock. It includes one complete kit of the one-seater Mirage and another of the two-seater Mirage. There are six interesting markings and the awesome new book by H.M.M. Publications.

A pair of Phabulous Phantoms - Two 1/72 F-4J Phantoms (Hasegawa) with CMK sets as built by Martin Pfeifer

Martin Pfeifer, our long time, trusty collaborator, has so far built as many as eleven 1/72 scale F-4 Phantom models. Two of them, both of the F-4J version are here now for you to admire. These are built from Hasegawa kits with the addition of some home-made details (weapon racks and tailhooks) as well as using  CMK sets no. 129-Q72190 (wheels) and 129-Q72225 (nose u/c leg), one of the model also has a resin IFR probe instaled, set CMK 129-Q72310. Both aeroplanes wear the markings of units that once operated from USS Independence carrier and they are going to be proudly displayed on a 1/72 scale partial replica of the USS Independence deck which has already been built by another modeller and a colleague of ours, Mr.Vladimir Kazda.

SH48201 Focke Achgelis FA 223 Drache ‘Captured’ in 1/48 - box content

One of Special Hobby's latest releases is also the 1/48 scale SH48201 Focke Achgelis FA 223 Drache ‘Captured’. Wondering what is in the box? Just look below…