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1/48 Siebel Si 204D (SH48170) - first small parts sprue testshot

 Today, our colleagues toolmakers have test-run the first moulding tool with small parts for our upcoming 1/48 Siebel Si 204 SH48170 model. The images show the undercarriage test shot sprue which still requires some improvements and finishing touches. Several segments of the mould need slight adjustment and polishing so that the final sprues are really top notch.  

Telford Online Offer ends tomorrow, on 30 Nov 2018

Dear customers, we would like to remind you that our special offer Telford Online will end on November 30, 2018 - don't miss this last opportunity to use the discount. You can now choose also from kits that have been unavailable for a long time but have been restocked by our colleagues from the warehouse. 72086 Supermarine Spitfire PR Mk XI 1/72 72522 Lockheed Vega 5/UC-101 1/72 72524 Lockheed DL-1 Special/Y1C-12 1/72 72528 Lockheed Vega Floatplane 1/72 A044 Polikarpov I-15 Chato 1/72 SH32034 A5M2b Claude "Over China" 1/32 SH48082 Nieuport 10 "Single Seater Version" 1/48 SH48041 SG-38 "German and Slovak Service"  1/48 SH72040 A-35 Vultee Vengeance 1/72 SH72159 D-558-1 Skystreak 1/72 SH72203 F-82H Twin Mustang "Alaskan All Weather Fighter" 1/72 SH72238 CCF Goblin Mk.I 1/72 SH72247 G-23 Delf