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SH72074 Avro Anson Mk.I and SH72135 Reggiane Re.2003 in 72nd scale - two hot cakes are back again

In March and April, two of our earlier but successful models will become available again, because of large demand from you, our customers. The Anson Mk.I "Late Version" model with cat. no. SH72074 is expected for March, while the other, the Reggiane Re.2003 "Primo Prototipo" cat. no. SH72135 will receive its second release in April. Both models are kitted in the favourite 72nd scale and come in new boxes and with up-graded, full-colour instruction sheets. The Anson decal sheet provides for three RAF camouflage schemes, the Re.2003 decals bring obviously only one livery option for the first prototype.

Resin sets for our 1/72 Mirage F.1C models

The 72nd scale Special Hobby Mirage F.1C model has been unpatiently awaited for a long time by modellers. We are happy that its first boxing is already available and the second one is to hit the hobby shops shelves soon. We also would like to announce here that several resin sets for this model have been prepared. Some of the sets come with accompanying PE-frets. The master parts for all these sets were created using our advanced CAD and made with a 3D printer. While the wheel, nozzle and radar sets are readily available for you to lift the detail levels of your model, the other sets, it means that for the Matra rocket pods and ejection seats, are expected to be available in few coming days. We will, of course, do our best to make this time as short as possible.

SH72337 A-20B/C Havoc/Boston with a UTK-1 turret

In response to many queries regarding the configuration that our forthcoming SH72337 A-20 B/C Red Stars model is to be released in, we decided to present here a couple of pictures of the UTK-1 turret that originate directly in the 3D modelling software used during preparation of the turret parts. The belt that the gunner sat on as well as the ear-like balance tabs on the turret come in a PE-fret, all other parts are injected. All camouflage schemes chosen for the model are only for the machines that actually flew with the UTK-1 turret.

Newsletter Special Hobby - March 2016