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Supermarine Seafire Mk.III "Aéronavale & Irish Air Corps" 1/48

Supermarine Seafire Mk.III Supermarine Seafire Mk.III was the most powerful wartime version of this famous naval fighter. Except the fact it successfully fought in World War II both in Europe and the Pacific in FAA colours, when the war ended it became a popular export article. It was used by French Aéronavale and the Irish Air Corps. While great number of Seafires Mk.III served with Aéronavale (114 machines), the Irish Republic purchased only 12 machines. Most of the French Seafires operated over Europe but part was deployed to French Indochina. Seafires served with full naval equipment both from aircraft carriers and from land bases. Irish Seafires were delivered stripped off the naval equipment as per original order. They received overall grey-green coat. French Seafires, both wartime and post war, retained original British naval colours. Some even sported original British roundels as you can find one machines in our kit. This machines featured British post war camouflage and

News in MPM Production

 MPM Production has undergone a great change with the beginning of the New Year. CMK Company, our affiliate, which produce resin cast kits and aftermarket sets, ceased business and was consolidated in MPM Production in one legal entity. Even though CMK joined MPM Production, its complete production program will be maintained under CMK brand. Moreover, our sales department was strengthened by new sales manager. We hope this will improve the distribution of our kits.   January is also associated with intensive Nuremberg Toy Fair preparations. We would like to invite all of our customers and modellers interested in our production program to our stand E-52 in Hall 7.