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Four dozen Special Hobby kits August 28 – September 27, 2020

Dear customers,
we have prepared a 4 week discount offer for you on our website. Each week you can choose from 12 kits, each with a special 50% discount. We will rotate the kits from week to week.
The offer starts on August 28 (the individual rotations are as follows: August 28 – September 6, September 7 – September 13, September 14 – September 20 and September 21 – September 27, 2020). The offer lasts till September 27, 2020, or until sold out.

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Superbly detailed 1/72 Typhoon build - by Edoardo Rosse

Edoardo Rosse proudly shows off his extremely detailed 1/72 Typhoon built from the Airfix kit with the addition of a couple of CMK resin sets - 7277 Typhoon Mk.I Bubble Canopy - Interior set, 7278 Typhoon Mk.I - Armament set and 7295 Typhoon Mk.I  - Engine set.

New in CMK range - 7448 B-25G Mitchell Conversion Set and PLT259 CAC CA25 Winjeel

Due to be released this September are also these two new products. The 7448 B-25G Mitchell conversion set in 1/72 scale is tailored for the new Airfix kit and brings not just the resin cast 75mm nose cannon but a new cockpit of different layout as well. The two decal sheets (if there was just one it would not fit into the box) cater for markings of two USAAF airframes.
   Another rather impressive item on offer is the all resin model of the RAAF trainer machine CAC CA-25 Winjeel in 1/48. This model will be offered in the PLT range and besides the resin items, it also consists of white metal undercarriage legs, a fret of etches and decal sheet offering markings for four schemes.

Aircraft Carrier Juan Carlos I - excellent H.M.H. publication now on offer

Besides other new items available via our e-shop, you can find there also this really superb photographic coverage of the Spanish Juan Carlos I Aircraft Carrier. The publication shows the hard life aboard the carrier from almost all aspects, it indeed is a rather intricate, complex and complicated weapon.

1/72 CAC CA-19 Boomerang - side profiles

The SH72426 CA-19 Boomerang is also scheduled for this September release and you will find the three following scheme options in the kit.

AH-1G Cobra - Early Tails over Nam - boxart

The SH72427 Cobra Early Tails over Nam is our September release which is to come in a box with this computer-generated and rather atmospheric image prepared by Mr.Reinis.

SA72020 Sd.Kfz 131 Marder II - paint schemes and decals

The 1/72 SA72020 Marder II kit will offer three colour schemes with markings supplied by way of a small Eduard-printed decal sheet.

Austrian guise 1/72 Fouga Magister - Petr Šámal build

The model for today is Special Hobby's 1/72 Fouga Magister as built by Petr Šámal. The kit used is SH72373 Fouga CM.170 Magister ‘German, Finnish and Austrian’ with the addition of CMK sets Q72227 Fouga Magister Seats and Q72228 Fouga Magister Wheels. Petr also had Kuivalainen pre-painted photo etches to his hand while building the Fouga.

SA72020 Sd.Kfz 131 Marder II (7,5 cm PaK 40/2)

Those of you who read our regular monthly Newsletters will have already known that a couple of steel moulding tools have recently been acquired and incorporated into our portfolio of 1/72  military vehicle models. These models originate in MK72 company and it simply does not mean anything else than you should expect top end quality. The first model to be released under Special Armour brand is to be the SA720020 Sd.Kfz 131 Marder II (7,5 cm PaK 40/2) and today, we have a handful images here to show you the test build sample. Martin Pfeifer, the model builder, had at first been rather moody, grumbling something about tiny midgets. When he finally finished the model, he had nothing but words of admiration, for the easy build and perfect fit of the parts….

SH72426 CAC CA-19 Boomerang in 1/72 - BOXART

Standa Hajek has recently finished this stunning boxart which will adorn Special Hobby's new release of the CAC Boomerang, in the form of the CA-19 variety. The kit (no.SH72426) is due for release in September.

1/48 Tiger Moth - CMK resin sets

The new 1/48 Airfix's Tiger Moth has attracted the attention of CMK design team who have rather meticulously prepared a couple of finely detailed resin sets for this nice little beast of a model. The first sets are scheduled for September and these are 4407 DH.82 Tiger Moth Cockpit Correction Set, 4408 DH.82 Tiger Moth Control Surfaces, 4409 DH.82 Tiger Moth Luggage Box, 4410 DH.82 Tiger Moth Exterior Set and 4411 DH.82 Tiger Moth Mainwheels and Tailskid.
   As the photos below capture the test build sets only, they do not show the photo etched details which are to be used in some of those sets. And although these sets should hit the market this September, we have already treated you now with a preview of one of the October sets - this is the one containing the open cockpit side doors.