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Four dozen Special Hobby kits 50% OFF

Four dozen Special Hobby kits April 24 – May 24, 2020 Dear customers, we have prepared a 4 week discount offer for you on our website. Each week you can choose from 12 kits, each with a special 50% discount. We will rotate the kits from week to week. The offer starts on April 24 (the individual rotations are as follows: April 24 – May 3 , May 4 – May 10, May 11 – May 17 and May 18 – May 24, 2020). The offer lasts till May 24, 2020, or until sold out. For registered customers only . Don't miss these special prices on Azur, MPM and CMK Your Special Hobby team

SH72390 SF-37 Viggen in 1/72 - marking options profiles

   The upcoming reconnaissance Viggen SF-37 will contain three colour options, starting with the most typical splinter scheme, through the more sober one with greys all over (Kbely museum display machine) and the last option is a machine wearing quite eye-catching anniversary scheme.

Survey - would you fancy this sort of new figures?

   In their CMK range of products, Special Hobby offer lots of resin cast figures, the vast majority of which portrays soldiers, obviously. Now, however, we are testing water if the customer might possibly fancy something a tiny bit different. Would you? The girls depicted below might come in both 1/48 and 1/72 scale, perhaps also in 1/32. We will be happy to hear your opinion. The two master pattern in today's images have been produced on a 3D printer, the Spitfire acts as a background only, not to be offered with the mistresses of course :-)

New kit boxes in print

   Nothing has stopped us and despite all recent trouble, we keep producing model kits for you and preparing new ones, too. And we do hope you will like them. The printing company is currently working on these most recent batch of boxes...

News from Special Hobby 04/2020

   Last month saw the release of the 1/72 scale Heinkel He 162A, the most recent new addition to our ever increasing range of preciselly kitted aircraft models. Have you bought it yet? What, you haven’t? You really should get your one now as this is the model kit we are so very much proud of. And it also sells superbly, even in these tough times, which as it seems favour indoor hobbies. And making precise model replicas is such a sort of hobby, innit?  So, we do believe that the models we produce, the ever increasing quality they possess and the diversity of the range we offer will help you overcome the current hardships and distress of the lockdown caused by the nasty bug. Our minds are with all of you who happen to live in the worst-affected areas, with all the model retailers and distributors. We definitely are with you, so do stay with us too. And we keep making new models and sets for you, still.     Our April Newsletter brings you information on the release of yet one more kit