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Models In Progress - Update no.7

The Siebel Si 204 / Aero C3 fuselage parts that were displayed in the previous Models In Progress Update (read and see more here) raised huge interest among the modeller community. So we hope you will be glad to know that Special Hobby team is working diligently on this project to make sure it reaches the hobby shop shelves in shortest possible time. Today’s update deals with the clear parts, the moulding block was test run couple of days ago and now let’s take a closer look at the clear canopy parts. But beware, the moulds have still NOT been finally polished and double checked for any possible flaws.
   In the second set of today’s photos you may recognize the Biber midget submarine project, its moulding blocks still being worked on in the milling machine stand. One half of the Biber fuselage mould is done in the photos and the other half is nearing its final stage, the two torpedoes are also almost done and the last two Biber photos show the trailer parts. Well, you’ll definite…

Potez 25TOE in 1/72 - computer rendered 3D images

In close cooperation with our French partner at Azur-Frrom, a all new 1/72 kit of the Potez 25 in several versions is being prepared. Our team have currently finished the desing for the TOE version (to be released under SH label) and the A2/B2 versions (for our partner). There are some more versions to come too.

SH72369 - Letov Š.328 “Slovak National Uprising” in 1/72

In September we will commemorate the Slovak National Uprising of 1944 which was an isurrection led by Slovak resistance movement aimed to resist German forces occupying Slovak territory.
So why not to use this occasion and offer the modeller a kit of a famous biplane which was operated by the so-called Combined Squadron, a bomber and reconnaissance unit of the insurgent forces. The Letov Š.328 boxart has already been finished, four colour scheme options will follow suit shortly.

SH48183 - IMAM Ro.37 in 1/48 - side colour profiles

Yet another forthoming release for this autumn is the 1/48 scale kit of the attractive-looking Italian biplane IMAM Romeo Ro.37. A colleague has finished the camouflage schemes, so we would like to share with you the side profiles now. Let’s hope for full view schemes when he gets back from his holiday.

SH72373 - Fouga Magister in 1/72 - complete marking scheme options unveiled

Summer holidays are no doubt in full swing, many of you our regular readers and also some of our colleagues are enjoying themselves whilst the rest of SH team is working diligently on this Autumn’s new releases. One of which is also the European Fouga Magister reboxing in 1/72 which is to feature Finnish, German and Austrian colour options.

A couple of days ago, the very first view at the schemes was revealed, now we would like to continue also with top and bottom views of the chosen CM.170 Fouga Magister schemes.

SH72373 - Fouga Magister - Finnish, German and Austrian marking options

In the latest instalment of our regular blog, a colleague revealed one of the Special Hobby projects which are to be released this autumn - the 1/72 Fouga Magister kit in colours of three European users, the military of Finland, Germany and Austria. One may consider the overal aluminium paint schemes rather dull, but beware the Dayglo Orange high visibility markings making the training aircraft arguably highly attractive and the German option may bring some change to your display case as well as the plane was in fact operated by the Bundesmarine, or German Navy. In the kit, the modeller will find a decal sheet containing of course also a full set of stencils in both language mutations.

SH72162 Sunderland 1/72 - testing

Yesterday we tested the interior parts of the Sunderland in the fuselage. 
We were a little worried, if everything would go as planned. But everything turned out better than expected! Here you can see the results.

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