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Special Hobby / MPM Newsletter 07-15

Special Hobby / MPM Production Newsletter 7/2015 View this email in your browser

SH48171 L-39C Albatros "NATO Trainer" in 1/48 scale

The re-release of our Aero L-39 jet trainer in 1/48 scale literally disappeared from the shops shelves as if by magic.  And as we still receive new orders for this model, we have decided to make yet another reboxing. Now the model is coming out in Special Hobby range and its cat.number is SH48171. The box-art has been drawn by Standa Hajek, as usually.  When he handed in the finished art, he told me that he quite liked it and he hoped we would like the picture as well. I think that kind of underestimated his own work as this box art is simply a stunner.