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From 31.3.2017 until 2.4.2017 we prepared a sale for you! 

To the club discount you get additional 15% discount if your order is higher than 20 €. If you want to get the discount you can register here.

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Lloyd C.V (WKF) series 82 in 1/72 (SH72122) – marking options

In the box of our forthcoming 1/72 Lloyd C.V (WKF) series 82 the modeller will find the following marking options (one cannot say camouflages in this instance, can one?) The same schemes will adorn also our 1/48 upscaled project.

IMAM (Romeo) Ro.37bis (SH48185) boxart reveal

Another Standa Hajek´s masterpiece, we hope you like the artwork too. More info on the forthcoming Ro.37bis kit here

S.E.5a wheels – 1/48 CMK correction set for Eduard kit

The Eduard´s new 1/48 S.E.5a kit is a real beauty deserving only the top marks indeed. As it seems the only thing one can hold against the model is somewhat lacking detail in the undercarriage wheel area which on the other hand gives us a chance to bring on the market our resin correction set. The wheels in the CMK set have their tyres with the manufacturer´s name legible (on real aircraft often painted in white) and will also offer much more realistic looking fabric detail on the wire spokes. The set is due in May.

Fokker D.II (SH32065) in 1/32 – another Great War kit due to be out soon

Following our Bristol M.1C kit, a decision has been taken to produce also a model of the opposing side aircraft, namely the Fokker D.II biplane fighter. This model will be produced using similar technology to that of the Bristol kit, ie the kit´s main parts injected into a short-run type mould, while the 3D-designed small parts will enjoy being injected into a full metal type mould. The model is planned to see the hobby shop shelves this autumn.

SB2C-5 Helldiver (SH72350) in 1/72 – new parts progress

The Dash Five version of the famous WW2 dive bomber, the Helldiver is to be one of our Spring 2017 new releases. The kit is based on ex-Academy plastic parts being accompanied by a set of new plastic and resin parts enabling the modeller to build the final production version. The resin parts have already been finished, now we are focusing on the metal mould for the plastic details

mould common also for Lloyd C.V kits in both scales
most complex parts - bomb bay doors, enlarged on SB2C-5

AJ-37/JA-37 Viggen – 1/48 foreplane correction sets being prepared

The 1/48 Viggen kit produced by Special Hobby in cooperation with Swedish Tarangus is no doubt very nice kit. Special Hobby offers the AJ-37 version in two different releases, one with standard camouflage schemes – model SH8148, the other as a red anniversary Viggen SH48188. The fighter version JA-37 has been produced for the Swedish partner.
One of the very few things that the modeller might hold against our kit is somewhat incorrect shape of the canard foreplanes. To improve that, we have decided to produce a pair of correction resin sets. Yes, there will be two of them as the is a teeny difference between earlier JA-37, Sk-37 and SF-37 aircraft and more modern version of the JA-37, the former use canard foreplanes with only a single vortex generator on each, the latter have been fitted with doubled vortex generators on each of the foreplane. The flaps have been modelled as separate parts enabling the modeller to portray them in a down position correct for the Viggen on the ground. T…

SH72361 Speed Record Gloster Meteor - scheme options

Looking forward to our world speed record breaking Meteor kit? Get even more tempted by the marking schemes that have just been finished by our graphics designer. We do hope you like it. Have any comments on our interpretation of the Yellow Peril or her companions? Do not hesitate and let us know in the comments. Thank you.

Gloster Meteor Yellow Peril (SH72361) – not so yellow as it might have seemed

Did you also like the all-yellow record breaking Meteor EE455 named the Yellow Peril? Well in that case, I am afraid I do not have very good news for you now. As it seems and as you may judge for yourselves from the archive photos below, this machine that has been famous not only for her record attempt but also for being High Gloss Trainer Yellow overall was not in fact all-yellow at all. The outer wing panels were left unpainted in their natural metal finish. The photos (courtesy of Michal Hradecky archives), although some of them not very clear, do show this unusual feature quite well.

Therefore, we have chosen to try and do away with this deeply rooted mistake (yes, we like being slightly controversial sometimes :-) and bring the modeller the kit´s boxart and Yellow Peril marking scheme as it, to our best knowledge, did look during her world speed record breaking attempt.

yep, here one may say that only the leading edge was in metal finish
but here and....
most clearly here, it is …

1/72 Sunderland (SH72162) – engine cowling frame test shot

The moulding tool with the Sunderland engine cowlings, wing tip floats and other smaller items has almost been finished and a set of test shots have been run showing only few trouble points requiring our toolmakers´attention. We showcased this sprue along with the fuselage shots during last weekend model contest in Prague.

MA-1A Start Cart in 1/48 (8054) – resin kit, work in progress

Today I would like to share with you a couple of photos taken during a rather quick build of our MA-1A Start Cart that is in production by our CMK branch in a range of 1/48 scale resin kits. This cart was used by the USAF since the 1950s and saw long years of faithful service. That said, the modeller can use this piece of equipment to accompany a wide variety of models starting with such an early machine as the F-80 or even put it in a diorama showing a start up of a Vietnam-based Herkybird. The resin kit has been designed in a 3D system and our team was lucky to have been able to take measurements on a real cart being displayed at Wight Patterson museum. Besides the main resin components, the kit comprise also a decal sheet and photo-etched parts.

In the photos below you may inspect the build that has taken only about 30 minutes so far cleaning and assembling the kit´s parts, another hour has been made busy with spray painting the model and the final stage of applying the decals took …