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Video - Thomas Grigat - SG-38 Slovak Service SH48141

In March 2016 we've arranged cooperation with famous german youtuber and modeller Thomas Grigat. He shows you in great detail how to build the model - and he does so with flair! Here we have the final result  - SG-38 Slovak Service (SH48141) in 1/48 scale. Thomas was very satisfied with our kit: "The material and the shape of details are amazing and pleasure to work with!" In case u want to challenge him, you can buy this kit HERE . Thomas Gigat's YouTube channel

Tempest Mk.V test build photos

The forthcoming 1/32 Tempest model with do doubts features the best levels of detail we have been able to achieve so far. Before it hits the model shop shelves, it is also vital to ensure that the parts fit is the best possible overall. This task was undertaken by an accomplished Prague modeller, Mr. Mila Hraban. Below, you can inspect some of the in-progress-photos and also pictures of his almost completed model finished using Mr.Paint colours, but still in need of the decals that are only just being printed.

Newsletter - June 2016