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Boxart for the coming 1/72 SH72433 SIAI Marchetti SF-260EA kit

We are happy to be able to showcase here the latest piece of art from Mr.Reinis, the true master of CGI boxarts which adorn boxes of some SH kits. This painting features the modernized SF-260 airframe with the higher canopy hood, which no doubt is visibly more bulged, thus the name of the kit SH-260EA ‘Late Bulged Canopy Type’.  No other kit so far, both recent or older, has faithfully represented this rather noticeable shape change of the canopy hood, even though the producers claim it as being the EA version. So, caveat!  Our model SH72433is scheduled for release sometimes this Spring and it will contain the new clear parts sprue with the different hood.

A Dutch Curtiss P-40E - built by Marcel Novy

 What might be better than a Curtiss in your display case? Two curtisses, of course. And Marcel says that it would be best if both of them wore some unusual coat. So, following his P-40N shown earlier here, he also finished the E variety of this classic and iconic bird. The kit he used was SH72338 P-40E Warhawk ‘Claws and Teeth’ , adding only some Dutch marking decals from his stash.

Vampire FB Mk.52 - built by Ondrej Zada

 Ondra kindly let us share his photos of his neatly built 1/72 Vampire FB.52 with the readers of our blog. The kit he used to build this beauty was SH72281 Vampire FB.52 ‘In Northern Skies’. Cheers for the pics!

Heinkel He 162A Spatz in 1/72 - a built model by A.Pavlas

 Mr.Pavlas shared with the readers of our blog a couple of pictures of his latest build, Special Hobby's  1/72 SH72341 Heinkel He 162A model. As he says, he can only praise this kit which is one of the most recent kits produced at SH - equal in quality with the new 1/72 Bf 109E which is now sitting on his work table. A. Pavlas nám poslal fotografie postaveného modelu SH72341 Heinkel He 162A 1/72 . Jeden z posledních modelů z naší produkce velmi chválí. Stejně jako nový Messerschmitt Bf 109E 1/72 také z naší produkce, který má rozestavěný.

News from Special Hobby 01/2021

I would like to wish all our customers only the very best in 2021. We believe the upcoming year is going to be much better than the last one. Although 2020 was not unsuccessful for our company at all. Our plans for the first half of 2021 seem to be, at least to us, very interesting. One of the most exciting models we are going to release this spring is, no doubt, the Westland Whirlwind Mk.I in 1/32, which is in the final stage of preparations now. Just before being finished is yet another project which originates in our cooperation with Eduard. After the exquisite Bf 109 E-4, the Bf 109 E-3 version is going to hit the market this February, after that we are going to jointly produce the Tempest Mk.II. Our boxing will offer the so-called Hi-Tech style with resin detail parts including a partial replica of the engine with some of the cover panels open. The fire which struck Eduard company only made our collaboration deeper. We were more than happy to offer them the free capacity of our

A Hurricane Mk.IIc built with a 1/72 CMK resin set - by Edoardo Rosso

 Edoardo has been so nice as to share with us a couple of photos of his latest finished build - this time not a Special Hobby kit, but one built with the use of one of CMK resin sets. The model is the Hurricane Mk.IIc as kitted by Polish Arma Hobby, the mentioned resin set is CMK 7020 Hurricane Engine . Even though the set was made to fit Revell's rendition of the Hurricane fighter, Edoardo says there has been absolutely no trouble at all fitting it into the Polish model, too.