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1/48 Cobra gets the Model of the Year Award

Special Hobby was awarded the Model of the Year 2023 at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, or perhaps it might be better to say the award was given to our 1/48 scale AH-1G Cobra kit. This model is currently available in the basic kit format  SH48202 and as the Hi-Tech kit SH48230 . And here are both these models shown alongside the award they got and some of the detail sets, the masks  M48005 , CMK set  4454  with the M35 weapon system and  the pilot and gunner figures  F48280 . 

A Pair of Mirages, in development and maintenance

The upcoming 1/72 scale Mirage IIIC (SH72476) has already got its decals graphic finished. As you can see, the French machines not only have quite colourful markings, the decals also offer a complete set of servicing stencils.     The earlier 1/72 Mirage F.1 kits are not backburnered either, we only need to produce some more sprues and first, the moulding blocks need some maintenance. It is being provided now by our skilful toolmakers and as you can see in the photos below it really is not an easy and straightforward task. 

SH72478 A-20G Havoc ‘Low Altitude Raiders’ in 1/72 - decals and colour schemes

The long-time unavailable A-20G Havoc kit is coming back now in the form of the SH72478 A-20G Havoc ‘Low Altitude Raiders’ kit offering two colour schemes. While the US option comes with a painting of a cute kittie on the nose, the RAAF machine was among the batch loaned from the US to the Australians and as it would have been rather hectic then, the original US star and stripe marking under the wing did not get repainted. 

Troops and Weapons Defending Ukraine - in 1/35

    Last Friday it was a year since Putin's Russia invaded Ukraine. Completely useless and unprovoked act of aggression against a free and independent state only showed what the political leadership of Russia does stand for and that Russia itself is only a colossus with feet of clay. And as Russia has not achieved its goals, it reverts to terrorizing the civilians. With his rhetorics and deeds, Putin is almost closely following Hitler's scenario from 1938-39.    The response from the civilized world has been clear, it stands behind Ukraine and keeps supporting her both morally and materially including the very important arms deliveries. The Ukraina-made weapons systems has also proved very important and much better than the Russian ones. And 1/35 scale models of some of these weapons can be found among our products, too. These are the Western made anti-tank systems    FGM-148 Javelin ,  NLAW ,  Panzerfaust 3 ,   MG 3  machine guns and the Ukraina-made  Stugna - P  anti-tank mi