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Moulding of the long-awaited AH-1G Cobra model in 1/72 has just begun

Moulding of the long-awaited AH-1G Cobra model in 1/72 has just begun. The first two boxings will have their premiere at KIT SALOON NYMBURK on 28 June 2014. These are SH72274 AH-1G Cobra “Spanish & IDF” and SH72278 AH-1G Cobra “Over the USA and Europe”. In distribution they will be in two coming weeks. Below are some photos from the pressing shop, the moulds are being treated by the head of the shop,  Mr.Rozsypal.

SH72307/309 Caproni Ca.311/311M BOX ARTS

Our court painter, Mr. Standa Hajek brilliantly handled these two Caproni illustrations, SH72307 Caproni Ca.311 a SH72309 Caproni Ca.311M. While the Ca.311 with earlier markings flies over the Italo-French border in 1940, the Ca.311M is on its reconnaissance sortie over the Russian steppe two years later and has Eastern Front markings.

Caproni Ca.311/311M 1/72 - clear fuselage

We prepare Caproni Ca.311 and Ca.311M models. While the small parts and the wing are injected to shot-run moulds, for the fuselage halves we will make electro-plated (galvanic) moulds and these parts will be made from clear plastic. That is because the fuselage of the Ca.311 and Ca.311M had many windows and assembly of every single window would be very tedious for modellers. The models will therefore include also self-adhesive paint masks.

built A-Stoffanhänger test shot

Assembled first testshot of the A-Stoffanhänger model in 1/72 scale in Special Armour series. On the two last photos below the trailer is attached to the SS-100 Gigant tractor (model no. SA72001).

A-Stoffanhänger - first test shot

Special Armour SA72015 – the first testshots of the A-stoffanhänger, another vehicle that was used to service the V2 missiles. After very nice models of the missiles, Vidalwagen and Meillerwagen trailers and SS-100 Gigant tractor, we prepared another model for the V2 missile complex. This tank for one of the fuel components was transported again with the help of SS-100 tractors. The model will be available this autumn.

D-Day 70th anniversary special edition: Supermarine Seafire Mk.III „D-Day Fleet Eyes“ 1/48

Seafire Mk.III was the best naval fighter of British design to enter the WW 2. Even thought the fragile undercarriage was a slight handicap of this aircraft in the air it was formidable opponent. German, Italian and even at the end of the War the Japanese pilots could see it for themselves. Seafires were deployed not only as fighters. Seafires of the No.3 Naval Fighter Wing were based at the South England airfields and flew sorties to the Normandy beaches. The sorties were flown in pairs and directed the invasion fleet’s battleship fire. It was a dangerous work since the low flying machines were endangered by both AA fire and enemy fighters. The kit offers two machines from No.3 Naval Fighter Wing with the invasion stripes applied. The first one is particularly interesting since when its tail planes were replaced they were painted by base grey-green colour. Two pilots were successful in aerial combat with enemy fighters. In the contrary, the second machine illustrate how dan