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SH48120 Bücker Bü 181 Bestmann 1/48 - ALREADY ON SALE!

We woul like to inform you that starting today you can order our new kit  SH48120 Bücker Bü 181 Bestmann in 1/48 scale! So do not hesitate, it's waiting for you!

SH48120 Bücker 181 Bestmann 1/48 - etchings

Bücker 181 Bestmann kit in 1/48 scale will content - resin engine, resin exhausts and also etchings! 

Tom Grigat - stopmotion video of building SH48157 Fairey Fulmar Mk. II Hi-Tech version 1/48

Tom Grigat just finished a video of building our  SH48157 Fairey Fulmar Mk. II Hi-Tech version kit in 1/48 scale! We really love it, especially the final scene!  And as a bonus he made a special tutorial video about preshading and chipping with Marmite food spread! Links: SH48157 Fairey Fulmar Mk. I/II Hi-Tech version 1/48 Special Hobby YouTube  channel Tom Grigat's YouTube channel

SH32067 Yakovlev Yak-3 "Normandie-Niemen" HI-TECH KIT - extra parts!

Today we would like to show you 3D renders of Hi-Tech extra parts from our newest kit  SH32067 Yakovlev Yak-3 "Normandie-Niemen" in 1/32 scale which will be available in August 2016. The kit will contain: resin u/c wheels photo-etched interior parts and resin rudder pedals RSI-4 radio receiver exhausts, m/g muzzles and gun charging handle pre-cut masks for cocpit canopy and other clear parts

Video tutorial - Masking&Painting Canopy Interiors of SH48157 Fairey Fulmar Mk. I/II Hi-Tech version (video by Tom Grigat)

Here you have another video from our cooperation with german modeller Tom Grigat. We noticed that he enjoys to film tutorial videos, we believe they will help modellers-beginners to improve their skills. In this video Tom shows you a trick how to mask and paint a canopy of our Special Hobby Fairey Fulmar Mk. I/II (SH48157 Hi-Tech version) using Alclad II paints. Enjoy watching! Buy model HERE .