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CASA C.212 – the plane that flies on every continent

It would be impossible to list here all the places where this unique Spanish twin-engined, high-wing plane has served. We offer four kits with a total of 13 attractive colour schemes for you to choose from. You can also add the CMK detail set 129-7407 with wing flaps. For more information on the individual kits go here

Dornier 27 - THE craft for rough flying anywhere in the world

The Dornier Do 27 catered to all - there is the zebra aircraft of the naturalist M. Grzimek, another was used by missionaries in Papua New Guinea or as liaison aircraft in South Africa and they also served in the Bundesluftwaffe. You can build all of these models (and many more) with the three Dornier kits we offer and upgrade them with the help of our CMK sets. We also recommend our masks for the clear parts and wheels - the set also allows you to mask the insides on the open door. You will find everything here

Airfix Defiant 1/48 and CMK sets

If you plan to build the Boulton Paul Defiant kit by Airfix and are looking for some detail sets we have just the thing for you. We offer several CMK resin sets that allow you to add a partially exposed engine, to improve the cockpit or the turret. And even those of you who don't want to make any major changes might like the detailed seat (both with safety belts and without). Please see pictures below. All sets are available here